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New! Windows Live Messenger Version 2009

The newest version of Windows Live Messenger has just been released and it is a whole new look vs the older version. So far I am for the most part liking certain aspects of it but I think they could have done a whole lot better in other areas.
One change which I noticed but feel weirded out by because it is not what I am used to is the moving of the buddy pictures in chats from the right hand side of the window to the left. I don’t know why they did it and do not really care either way I just know it will take some getting used to because it is just different.
Now let’s talk about awesomeness allowed by the new Live Messenger. They have changed the buddy list’s look to a more updated version and personally I do not care one way or the other and thought the old look was just fine. One thing I did like, however, is you can hide the icons at the top of chat windows to give you more chat real estate. Good Move Microsoft!
Another thing I liked about the new version is that it allows you the option of logging in to more than one location. I haven’t fully checked into this but it is great in terms of being able to maintain your chat history on one computer that you always leave logged in but not on other computers which are more public…I am only assuming this happens I haven’t checked into it but it would be logical.
The new buddy list allows for a “Favorites” part of the buddy list which you are supposed to put those people you contact most often. You can even set your list so while everyone else just has little colored boxes indicating online/offline/busy/away the Favorites can be their buddy pics as thumbnails (this can also be done for the rest of your list but the 2 operate independently of each other). “Great idea!” I thought when I first saw this new innovation, because let’s face it there are a bunch of people on everyone’s list who they never speak to. However, I think Microsoft missed the mark with the use and setting up of this Favorites list and the functionality it could allow their users.
First, all of the people in the list seem to be always displayed regardless of whether or not they are online…this should be changed or at least we should be given the option to change this.
Second, Microsoft let us really use the list as it, in my humble opinion, SHOULD BE used. Allow us to set our sign in notifications to only the people listed in our Favorites…for me that would be SO KEY. Sure I talk to the people that I wouldn’t put in the Favorites but not near as much as I do the people in the Favorites.
Lastly, I wish that Microsoft had given us the option to save our chat history within our email a la Gmail Chat/Google Talk…granted for all I know they did and I don’t know about it because I use my Gmail address for Windows Live Messenger. Of course, if my comments above on the multiple sign in and saving of history on one computer holds true most of this problem is taken care of but I still would love to have my transcripts accessible from anywhere in the world at any time again a la Gmail.
What do you people out there think of the new Windows Live Messenger? Agree with me? Disagree?

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