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TTC: Crowding Isn’t Bad – Just Leave Earlier

So with the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) reporting that in the past year ridership numbers have seen “a boost of about four-million rides from the 12-month high recorded last fall. But TTC spokesman Brad Ross said that while some commuters might disagree, the city’s buses, subways and streetcars haven’t been any more crowded…”Are certain routes crowded at certain times? Absolutely…. And there are strategies that people can use to avoid that. Leave for work a bit earlier, leave a bit later.”” Or, stop taking the train and buy a car? Is this the way you are going to convince everyone in Toronto to start giving up their cars Brad? Telling them that they should give up their warm, quiet, solitary car for the subway but in order for them to not feel like a sardine they’ll have to leave to work earlier? Won’t they already be leaving earlier than if they were driving in their own car simply because if there is traffic in front of a bus they won’t take an alternate route like one could in their car? This is supposed to encourage people to give up their cars and start taking public transit? You’re not a very good spokesman are you, Brad? You’ve got to sell the public on public transit if you want them to give up their cars!

Or, maybe, the powers that be in Toronto would actually suggest you go out and buy a bike to use on the new bike lanes they are adding to streets all over the city and for which they are removing car lanes. I can just see it now, on a freezing cold, cloudy, dark February morning when the snow and sleet is blowing and the dirty slush is being splashed up from the streets by the evil cars a line of commuters biking from North York downtown to their offices in the Financial District in the downtown core, their $3,000 tailormade Italian suits covered by their $300 neon orange snowsuit.
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