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Coat Racks In Unattended Waiting Rooms…Why?

I was recently in Doctor’s waiting room for my appointment to begin when I noticed that this room, which has no secretary in attendance, has a coat rack. The thought struck me that why did the doctors whose offices connected to this waiting room bother with that coat rack?

I have heard stories of the way the people of Toronto and society in general in the 1950’s and 1960’s (and further decades and centuries past) were more trusting and respectful of each other’s property. In those bygone eras, apparently, something like a coat on a rack or a coat on a chair would not be stolen within minutes of leaving it unattended. Those days are long past in a city like Toronto where if you leave your coat somewhere out of your direct sight in a public or semi-public place for longer than 3 minutes it is very likely to be stolen. In fact, the days of unlocked doors and trusting everyone around you have been long past in Toronto for as long as I can remember – which goes back to the 1980’s.

So I have to wonder about the anachronistic placing of that coat rack more to the point I wondered if anyone had ever used it in the past 3 decades.

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