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Bad: Your Whole School Sees Your Name Posted On Failing Students List, Worse: Your Father Goes On TV & Tells The World You’re On That List

There is a recent story out of Wisconsin (link) concerning a principal of a middle school. This principal decided to post the names and classes of all failing students in the school with the notation that they would not be allowed to go to a school dance unless their marks are brought up above the failing line. Apparently this is a violation of the privacy laws in the USA and I am not here to debate the validity of the principal’s methods for attempting to get the kids in his school to become better students. What I am amused about is the actions of a gentleman named James Krier.

It seems that Mr Krier’s daughter is one of the students whose name is on that list. Rather than speak to the media anonymously Mr Krier has instead decided the right thing to do is speak directly to the news media. Mr Krier was quoted in the above linked article as saying:

“Their name, class and the F by it. It showed the F grade. I was pretty distraught when I got there I took a picture of it,” said parent James Krier. His daughter is one of a hundred names on the F-list posted for the entire school to see. “She couldn’t believe it that she was on that list she was upset.”

So Mr Krier, let me understand your logic. Your daughter was embarrassed that her middle school peers in a central Wisconsin town with a population of approximately 20,000 knew that she was failing. Seeing her embarrassment you decided the best way to rectify the situation was to make your family name in connection with this news story INTERNATIONAL? It wasn’t enough that your daughter had some local embarrassment for failing classes in middle school? You had to make sure that everyone in the world would have access to the information! Not only that, but you even did a video interview so in case someone didn’t recognize your name they would know your face! You can check out the video @ http://www.fox11online.com/dpp/news/wisconsin/wisconsin-middle-school-posts-list-of-failing-students

Good job Mr. Krier! You really showed that principal a thing or two about embarrassing your daughter!
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