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“The City That Works”?


According to the Wikipedia “Name of Toronto” article one of the nicknames the city is called is:


‘The City That Works’ which …refers to the city’s reputation for successful urban planning.[25] [26] [27]


I have lived in Toronto for many, many years and I have never once heard it called that.


According to Wikipedia, “Urban Planning” is defined as –


Urban, city, and town planning integrates land use planning and transport planning to improve the built, economic and social environments of communities.


REEEEEEEEAALLY??? Toronto has successfully integrated its transport planning? I have to wonder if Jane Jacobs or anyone else who calls it The City That Works ever actually tried to get somewhere on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission).

Ever try to get home quickly on a cold winter night after being out after 1:45 am? (Did I mention that last call is 1:45am, bars stop serving alcohol at 2am, and most close at 2:30am) You can’t because the last trains north out of Union Station leave at 1:42am! That means you have to sit and wait for the bus which only comes every half an hour and woe be the person who needs to take a bus and connect to another one after that at night! A trip which on the subway wouldn’t even take 25 minutes could easily take more than 2 hours!

You want to discourage drunk driving? Run the subway in sync with the bars & clubs!

The City That Works, HA!

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