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Tweeting Effectively

These days a lot of people really enjoy Twitter and some people just don’t get it. This post is not going to attempt to argue for or against the use of Twitter. Rather, this post assumes you are already using Twitter and have a follower base of some sort.

The first step is to realize that people on Twitter see A LOT of tweets in their tweet stream all day, every day. In fact, unless someone is really obsessed with your specific tweet stream if they miss a couple of hours worth of tweets from you they WILL NOT go back and read what they missed. One of the other ways that someone will see your older tweets is if you mark it with a hashtag (a # sign) and the person does a search for that topic. Finally, they might see your older tweets if you are engaged in a conversation with someone and they backtrack the conversation before throwing their own opinion into the mix.

This brings me to a concept I tweeted earlier today – “WHEN you tweet is almost as important as WHAT you tweet in terms of it being commented on or RTed or even noticed” http://twitter.com/Dan_L/status/18856366649. Because I was constrained to 140 characters for that tweet I had to make it short and sweet but to fully develop the idea I began in that tweet. WHEN you tweet an idea is just as important as the content so how do I know when the correct “WHEN” is? That is a very relevant question because its almost always business hours SOMEWHERE in the world and Twitter is an international space. Therefore, to answer this question we must each look at our own followers (specifically the engaged ones and not the bots that auto-followed you) and try to know something about them and their twitter habits. Even the most hardcore of people using Twitter aren’t on it 24/7. Depending on each person’s life and habits they will have different times of the day/night when they are most actively engaged in using Twitter.

The above is why your content is important but the timing which you tweet is also very important. You could write the most profound thoughts in your tweet but if you don’t tag it, or post it at a time when your followers are reading their streams chances are very low that anyone is going to notice it.

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