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Lysol’s New Automatic Soap Pump

I just saw an ad for this new Lysol Automatic Hand Soap Pump. The commercial said that a ton of germs are on the top of hand soap pumps and therefore we need to buy this Lysol product. The product has a motion sensor which dispenses the hand soap automatically so you don’t ever have to touch the germ riddled top of the dispenser.

While I applaud the idea that Lysol has to market a new product and create demand for it my main questions regarding this new product are:
(1) Why do I need this product? Aren’t I washing my hands right after I touch the top of the soap dispenser? I don’t know anyone who touches the soap dispenser after they wash their hands with the soap from the dispenser.
(2) Can’t I just spray the top of my regular soap dispensers with regular Lysol disinfectant or just wipe it with rubbing alcohol to kill all those germs that are supposedly there?

Like I said I applaud the effort Lysol and I wish you all the luck in the world convincing people to buy it. However, I still think this product is completely useless.

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