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The Pepsi Refresh Project with @AmberMac (#PepsiTweetup)

On Monday, November 22, 2010 at The Pilot in Yorkville @PepsiCanada and the one and only @AmberMac put on quite the event!

The Pepsi Refresh Project’s site is at RefreshEverything.ca. They describe the Project as “Looking for individuals, businesses (which have a maximum of 50 employees and $5 million in annual revenue), and non-profit organizations with ideas that will have a positive impact on communities.” Once they have the top voted ideas they give out grants to make those ideas a reality. The voting for this round of ideas ends December 31st so if you have an idea you still have plenty of time to send it in! This is an amazing project and an amazing thing that Pepsi is doing. If you have any ideas I strongly recommend you to go check it out. Even if you don’t go vote for whichever you think is the best ideas!

Me with @Smack416 aka Mo Bro Lee - who I randomly met at The Pilot. He liked my sign & wanted to get in on my picture.

We each were told to write on a board what we cared about and as you can see above I decided to champion my Movember fight against Prostate Cancer. Lee (@Smack416 on Twitter) saw what I was writing and asked to a part of my picture so I let him but then did another one a bit later (which you can see in the collage below).

For those of you who have been to The Pilot before yo u are probably wondering where the heck that picture was taken…it was done in front of a green screen! Check out the collage below for a picture I took of the green screen-photo area.

All in all it was a great night, I got to meet the one and only Amber MacArthur (@AmberMac) in real life as well as her fellow WebNation personality Maurice Cacho (@MorningMoe). Maurice, I am still waiting for that autograph!!! Jo (@ClickFlickCa) is going to be so jealous!

As well Pepsi got us a very special musical guest, the one and only Keshia Chanté who performed a couple of songs for us acoustically.

LEFT: My solo picture. MIDDLE: Top- Amber Mac Speaks; Middle- Pepsi Green Screen; Bottom- Keshia Chanté. RIGHT: Amber Mac & the Pepsi Refresh Representative.

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