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TV Channel Surfing: Something I Still Enjoy…Don’t You?

Channel Surfing

I know how most people of my generation will agree they’d rather give up TV as opposed to their computer/internet. However, I have to say I still enjoy going to a TV and flipping it on to see what random show I can find. Sure, I can go to a streaming website, a hard drive collection, or even a DVD/Blu-Ray collection and watch any show/movie I want but there is something to be said for just seeing what reruns (or randomly interesting shows) are on and vegging out to them. Have you ever sat around for half-an-hour in front of your computer/disc collection trying to figure out what you want to watch? Sometimes too much choice is just paralyzing. It’s nice to flip to a channel and see that random rerun of Friends or Seinfeld or whichever episode from whichever Star Trek series Space is showing at that moment.

I also fully admit I LOVE having every TV show at my fingertips online. But sometimes it is just too much work deciding what show/movie I want to watch when I can just flip on the TV and see what’s on. Haven’t you ever had that moment when you turn on the TV and flip around a bit and lo and behold a movie you haven’t seen since the late 90’s is on. Yes, it was a cheesy movie even then, and yes, the commercials are annoying. But c’mon, you have to agree there’s something so simple and enjoyable about tuning in to the randomness of shows and movies that are on the boob tube 24/7/365.

I think, though, that in the future we may see a final shift from television when people start broadcasting  Internet TV Stations much like the Internet Radio Channels that started popping up in the early 2000s and continue on to this day. When that happens, one of the only things TV is still good for will be lost. Then, all that will be left will be sports and award shows which I know are already being broadcast online both for free and for pay.

A bunch of people watching a bunch of really big TVs at a sports bar in Toronto

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