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Resolved, In 2011 I Will…

Although it is not New Years Eve anymore I figured I don’t really NEED to make a decision about what I want to endeavor to change about myself in the coming days, weeks, months, year, and years (because I think any time we make a change we hope it will be permanent).

What I would most like to change about myself in 2011: Be more conscientious of my time. I already do get everything I NEED to get done so that is not the issue. The issue is accomplishing everything I WANT to get done. I once heard a great way to always ensure you are on time for everything is to assume the task will take three times as long as you believe it will take. I can see how if I structure my days according to that model I will find I have a lot more “free time” throughout the days and weeks and have more time to fulfill the above resolution.

I also really need to get into more of a routine posting on this blog. Posting a daily post at 11pm is not going to cut it – although at least this time I am writing from my computer and not last-minute from my BlackBerry in a bar at Karaoke. In case you are wondering, yes that is the same Blackberry Torch 9800 I won and blogged about here in September 2010.

On a completely different tack I resolve to be more active physically this year. This summer I started playing roller hockey with some friends once or twice a week and it felt so good being physical in a group and not just at a gym where I find I really am just in my own world – even though the room is full of people. When I was a kid, I was never the most athletic in my class or on my house league team and it used to bother me so I somewhat stayed away from sports unless I was forced either by my school/camp/parents or by social necessity (when all my friends were playing in house leagues I wanted to play to because that is what all the cool kids were doing). But I hated it because I knew I was never really very good. Nowadays, I don’t really care. This is mostly because I have grown and changed and am more secure in my self than I was almost 2 decades ago and partly because nobody else really cares. Kids are way more intense about most things I find. It is funny that I write that because it is something I heard a lot growing up but never knew what people were talking about and only now understand.

My most important “resolution”, I think, is what I am going to say the last. While I had amazing life and learning experiences throughout my 3rd decade on this Earth (I’m turning 30 this year, 2011) I feel I could have put this past decade to even better use than I did. Therefore, it is hereby resolved by me that this year and in the coming years I will make the most of every minute and every second so I don’t write a similar post in January 2012 or January 2021 (the latter assumes, of course, that the world doesn’t end in December 2012 as per the Mayan calendar ‘prediction’).

Any suggestions you might have for me to more assuredly accomplish any of the above resolutions/goals would be very much appreciated.


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