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#NPSR: No Pants! Subway Ride Toronto

Today was the annual No Pants! Subway Ride. It was the 4th year it was done in Toronto and 10th year it was done in the original city of New York.

I went with a couple of friends and we were in the 4th car of the trains. We gathered at Queens Park by the Horse Statue for instructions and to learn which car we were to be in.
We took off our pants at King Station & got off at Queen Station to wait for the next train.

My car was a very interesting one as it had one guy (pictured above) who was not only not wearing pants but he neglected wearing a shirt as well. His underwear choice was also quite interesting: Superman underoos is the best way I can describe them. (See the above picture.) A lady who works for Yuk Yuks Comedy club happened to be on the train and she gave him a microphone complete with a stand and he proceeded to do some standup comedy and singing. We even sang Happy Birthday to someone!
Afterwards some people went home, some went for Mexican food and some brave still pantsless souls – yours truly included – went to the Fox & Fiddle at Bloor & Spadina for some alcoholic beverages.
One of the great moments of the day was when my friend Ben called me as we were sitting at the bar. Ben asked me if I knew why people were riding the TTC that day in their underwear. Seems someone had just come by his apartment and told him she had got onto the train to see everyone wasn’t wearing pants and he knew I of all people would know what was up with that.

All in all it was a great day and a great turnout. The press was there in full force. I saw people from Now Magazine, CP24, The Toronto Star, and well known Toronto Twitter Community personality @LaurenONizzle for the VitaminWater blog.
Can’t wait til next year’s No Pants! Subway Ride!!! Hope to see you there!


Meeting up in Queen's Park for our instructions and to get organized.

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