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Part Two of “If You Could Become Any Fictional Character, Who Would You Be?”

In yesterday’s post I talked about how my first choice for the ‘difficult & deep formspring question: ‘If You Could Become Any Fictional Character, Who Would You Be?'” and I mentioned Van Wilder as my #1 choice. Some of you have replied to me (though not in public) as to who you would choose for this question and I have loved the answers I have gotten thus far. In yesterday’s post I also mentioned two other fictional characters that I would want to become both from the same book series but both very different. Peter Wiggin and Andrew “Ender” Wiggin – ya they’re brothers – from the book “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card and the subsequent “Enderverse’.

This post is going to have three parts Why Ender?, Why Peter?, and A Parting Question

Why Ender?

Andrew Ender Wiggin is a natural leader who is also a genius. He lives for thousands of years due to the spending the majority of that time in interstellar ships going at near light speed (why this works has to do with the Theory of Relativity and its effect on time, just know his body is completely normal for a human – he has no superpowers or special longevity gene in his DNA). He is known by the entire human race and influences their thoughts and development for thousands of years. Not only that but he is known twice – because in early life he did things that were once lauded and later reviled. He lives a simple life loving those around him and helping those around him whenever he can. He is the cause of the entire human race changing its outlook on themselves and on ‘the Buggers’. Even as he defeats his enemies he comes to love them and fully understand them first. I feel very philosophical and deep even discussing his character but this is why the series by Mr Card is one of my favorites.

Why Peter?

When we first meet Peter in the first book we think he is a sadistic possibly psychopathic child. We later learn that he was just very aggressive and once he learned to better control his aggression and turn it to ambition as a world leader he becomes a very different person. He is also a genius like his younger brother Ender and his younger sister Valentine. He ends up forming a united Earth government referred to as the Free People of Earth which is responsible for uniting pretty much the entire world (except the USA) into one nation and brings peace to the entire humanity. One of the seminal books of human thought is later written about him by his brother Ender under the pen name Speaker For The Dead. His name goes down in the annals of human history as one of the greatest people humanity ever produced. That to me seems like a pretty good person to be. A brilliant man who brings absolute lasting peace to the human race and doesn’t do it by making war is someone who I’d love to be.

A Parting Question

What do you think of all of my choices and what they say about me? I really encourage you to respond either here in the comments, via email, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


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