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Being A Blogger: Saying “I Wrote About That On My Blog…” Makes Me Feel Douchie

"These hot dogs look great but have you read my blog post about the tastiest hot dog I ever ate???" (Not what I actually said at any time at this party where this photo was taken by Ms Christine Estima

As the Post-A-Day 2011 Challenge has continued I have found that I am covering more and more topics randomly and they somehow seem to be coming up in conversation. The other night at @Canadian88‘s #XLbday88 party in Hamilton I caught myself saying, numerous times, “Oh, I posted about that on my blog and…” and began to feel like the unconscious, shameless self-promotion was fairly, for lack of a better term, ‘douchie’. (If you want to read about #XLbday88 check out @The_JMoney‘s blog post about it here)

I began to wonder if it is OK to continually make reference to my blog when I mention something in the real world which I have discussed here. I even apologized to a friend of mine for saying it so often and turned out he hadn’t even noticed I had been saying it! Maybe I was just being too overly conscious of what I was saying and other people were just tuning it out as “background noise” before I got to my point.  I am trying to recall if other people I know who are bloggers make references – unprompted – about their blogs in regular conversation and I can’t recall and instances of it occurring. Maybe it hasn’t or maybe I have been tuning it out as well. Maybe I shouldn’t think so much about this.

Either way, please, if you hear me saying it in real life too much – call me out on it. If you think I do already say it too much in real life – call me out on it be it here in the comments, on Twitter, on Facebook, or in real life.

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