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Resolution 2011 Update

Sad news.

I sit on a TTC train writing this blog post at 8:21pm. I am supposed to be at a restaurant for 8:30pm. The train is at Queen’s Park station and I need to get off at St. Andrew 4 stops away and then walk a bit.
So far I have been pretty good on scheduling things this year but this is my first major setback on my resolution to do better. I still might make it for 8:30 but I will be cutting it close.

It is 11:42pm right now and I am on the TTC on the way home. After writing the above I had to walk from the subway rather than wait for the streetcar in my attempt to make it on time. Turned out I walked in the door of Ame Sushi at 8:32pm – 2 minutes late – and one other person from my group had just gotten there (probably 2 minutes before me). Not an excuse that no one else noticed I was late and scheduled poorly, clearly I have my work cut out for 2011.


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