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#BoobySushi At Ame Cuisine #Omnomnom

~ Left F to B: @KarimAwad @JourneyDan @KonnywithaK @ValTorontoGal ~ Right F to B: Me, @ClickFlickCa @ElleRich @TrulyJess

As you may have read last night in my previous post I was on my way to a restaurant called Ame. Ame is a “modern Japanese restaurant” as it describes itself on its website. The main reason we went and that I organized this outing was because 5 of us got $50 gift coupons to Ame which were near their expiration date in our swag bags from the 2010 BoobyBall on October 16, 2010 at Kool Haus – which in of itself was an amazing time, check out@ValTorontoGal’s blog post about it with tons of pics here.

The eight of us Twitter folk gathered for some good food including myself, @TrulyJess (who actually gave me the ticket to the BoobyBall), @ElleRich, @KarimAwad, @JourneyDan, @KonnywithaK, @ValTorontoGal, and @ClickFlickCa. The way we termed the meal – as this was not intended to be a tweetup – was #BoobySushi which was a nod to the Japanese cuisine of Ame as well as where we got our gift certificates.

The decor and ambiance at Ame are amazing. The way the place is done up is absolutely beautiful – just going there is an experience in of itself as the building was, according to Ame’s website, “once home to the first women’s prison in Toronto” but you wouldn’t know it walking in there today.

The view of the dining area from our table. The chandeliers are "Japanese Dream Lamps" where you put a note with your wish.

But the decor alone didn’t prepare us for what we were going to experience during our meal. Honestly the food was absolutely superb. They told us when we ordered that every dish in the restaurant is intended to be shared amongst a group of people, that was good because we all wanted to try each other’s food! Everything we tried was delectable. I would like to say that I remember every single dish we had but I do not. What I do recall specifically is that our server Drew was the paragon of customer service. No one at Ame knew we were on Twitter or had any way of making our opinions known to the general public about the restaurant and still they treated us like royalty. Between myself @KarimAwad & @JourneyDan we ordered a 36 piece dish and Drew (or maybe it was the kitchen or Manager at Ame but I am going to give Drew the credit) brought out 48 pieces for us just because. Other things I remember we got was @ValTorontoGal’s squash tempura which was, for lack of a better superlative, OMG! As well, @ElleRich’s meat dish really taught me what the phrase ‘like butter’ means. It literally fell apart in my mouth.

I also tried sake for the first time.

The first sake I ever tried - Nigori Unfiltered Sake (we had it cold & drank 2 bottles)

At the end of our meal, Drew who had told us to save room for desert told us desert was on him! And then he brought out some awesometastic desert dishes (3 sets of 2) for our tables.

Desert is served! Thanks Drew! This is one set of 3

I also made sure to write a Dream/Wish to put in the lamp before I left and here’s what I wrote (I asked Drew, he said it wouldn’t ruin the wish if I told people…this is Japanese tradition not Western Birthday Wishes!)

The note I wrote for the Japanese Dream Lamp. I truly hope it all comes true!

Total bill for the evening with tax and an 18% gratuity added on: $550!!!

I know that Ame is open for 2011 Winterlicious and reservations have already opened so it might be too late but I really, really recommend you book a meal there. Here’s a link to their Winterlicious menu on Toronto.com.

  1. Maria Eva
    January 20, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Very cool and informative review. Love the photos. Thanks!

    • January 22, 2011 at 4:06 am

      You’re most welcome! I’m very happy you enjoyed the review!

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