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My Mom’s TV, May 1979-January 2010 RIP

Yes, you read that title correctly. My mom just told me she threw out the TV I have been urging her to get rid of for YEARS. She bought it in 1979 right before she and my Dad moved to Toronto from New York City, a few months after my older brother was born. She remembers this specifically because it was still in its box when they loaded it onto the moving truck.

So ya, basically this TV was my family’s middle child. Right in between me and my younger brother on one side and my two older brothers on the other. It was in the family longer than I’ve been. I will need another 2 years & 1 month to even have been in the family for as long as this TV.

Now you may be wondering why my mom, after all these years, threw it out? Not because she wanted to connect a coaxial cable to it – ya, it didn’t have a port for that. Or because she wanted to watch digital cable on it – she somehow managed to make that work too! But because the tubes in the TV were apparently so old it would literally stop showing a picture after it was on for 20 minutes of use!

It also makes you think of all the history that TV must have displayed: The Iranian Revolution and the American Embassy Hostage Crisis, the Meech Lake Accords, the time when MuchMusic launched and actually played music, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Soviet Union, the protest at Tiananmen Square, the Oslo Accords between Rabin & Arafat, the Prime Ministership of the first female Prime Minister of Canada, 9/11, the appointment of the first black Governor General of Canada, and the election of the first black President of the USA. Wow! The amount of history is astonishing and those are only some I picked which stuck out in my mind.

Also, there’s a well known saying: “They don’t make ’em like they used to.” Thinking about the “life and times” of that TV really brings that saying home to me. Do you think any piece of technology you have/use today will still be in use by you in 2041?


  • I changed the date on this post because I actually wrote it on the subway en route to an event last night with no reception and only remembered to actually send it to WordPress once the day was already officially over. I count that as it being qualified for my Post-A-Day post for when I wrote it not when it posted.
  • I fixed the spelling on Tiananmen Square – as I said above, the post was written with no Interwebs connection so I couldn’t look it up at the time.

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