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Hooray For New Dental Gadgets!

Image I took from Google StreetView of the outside of the mall & my dentist's office.

Today I went to the dentists office for a cleaning and check-up. I have been going up to Richmond Hill’s Hillcrest Mall where my dentist is for as long as I can remember. I still remember when driving up to Yonge & 16th would mean driving through open land and a couple of housing developments but no more. Now the whole way from North York to Hillcrest Mall is all built up suburbia – wow I’m old and wow Toronto and its suburbs have grown!

I actually always hate going to the dentist’s office – I mean, c’mon who actually enjoys trips there? But today was actually very good (relatively). I believe it was largely because Pina the Inside Edge Chick from102.1 The Edge (@InsideEdgeChick) was praying for me while listening to Pearl Jam.

Pina was praying for me!

Two huge positives happened when I went today. The first was that my dentist’s office got a new hygienist named Lisette who is from Venezuela. She speaks English fluently but is actually very overqualified to be a hygienist – she is a qualified dentist in Venezuela but to become a dentist here she would have to get into (and then complete) a two year program that 500 people apply for each year and only 12 get into! As she is not in her 20s anymore, has a family to help support, and becoming a hygienist was way easier to do with the qualifications she already had she did that instead. I felt sort of bad for her but I guess people are willing to give up certain things for a better life for their families. Either way, she definitely does a better job (in my opinion) than any other hygienist I have ever had.

The second huge positive was new dental gadgets! (Although this may have been linked to the first and the fact that Lisette is a fully trained dentist or maybe that she’s a recently trained hygienist and knows the newer equipment.) Instead of using the old manual scraper things we are all so familiar with and which take long time and are often painful she used an ultrasonic tools! Apparently some people can’t stand the sound of it and prefer the manual scrapers but I think they’re  crazy. I definitely heard the sound it made and wouldn’t want to listen to it all day but this thing was MUCH better than the manual scraper (I believe they are called scalers). It was done so much quicker, and less painfully.

Technology is awesome. Making everything better even the dentist’s office. I love gadgets. And yes, I am fully aware of what a huge geek this entire post makes me that I am excited about dental gadgets & technology. Have any of you ever had these gadgets used in your dental cleaning? What did you think?

  1. kennethcomstock
    June 19, 2017 at 8:05 am

    Wonderful write up.Thank you for sharing it.

  1. January 28, 2011 at 11:47 pm

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