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Tonight: #LCBOCocktails #MadMen Party With Janie Bryant

my 1950's/1970's attempt at a 1960's look

my 1950’s/1970’s attempt at a 1960’s look

Heading downtown on the subway right now to the #LCBOCocktails party which is Mad Men style with my +1 Corey @cellguru.
I won tickets to the event via @flist‘s contest and I can’t thank her enough for the tickets!

What is #LCBOCocktails? You may be asking yourself. Well, LCBO Classic Cocktails is an evening of retro-inspired cocktails, food, fashion and music. We are going to get to mingle with award-winning Hollywood costume designer Janie Bryant, who will offer her perspective on 1960’s fashion and its influence on modern pop culture.
I wonder what Janie Bryant will think of my powder blue blazer and black skinny tie as my 1960’s Mad Men cocktail attire with my “Buddy Holly” glasses…to be fair the glasses as a fashion piece were actually inspired in the late 1950’s but ‎​as far as I know the fashion continued into the 1960’s as well. Another aside, my blazer and winter coat were purchased in the 1970’s but, to me, the blazer definitely feels 1960’s. The jacket was my dad’s and I am only 90% sure it’s 1970’s it may very well be my only legitimately 1960’s article of clothing. I also styled my hair in as Mad Men a style as I could get it and hair sprayed it into place.

I guess between my 1970’s blazer & 1950’s glasses I average out to look 1960’s haha.

More to come on the event after I go to it! Or you can follow my tweets on Twitter about it or follow everyone’s tweets about it by searching the hashtag #LCBOCocktails.

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