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Two Easy Steps To Engage & Encourage A Follow Back On Twitter

I have seen all sorts of different ways people try to build followers on Twitter other than being present and part of the conversation. There really isn’t any way beyond the 3 Golden Letter acronym espoused by JoAllore and that is: I.C.E. and it stands for

So what are my Two Easy Steps promised to you which aren’t already covered by JoAllore’s acronym?

  1. Say Hi!: When you begin following someone they probably do read your bio and hopefully you have something in there…if it’s something interesting all the better. (PS what do you think of my bio?) However, given the amount of bots and spammers on Twitter these days, chances are the person you’ve followed isn’t going to start talking to you. Exception To This: You know the person already in the real world OR you’re a Celebrity/Industry Thought Leader.
  2. Share!: If you start following a person and you see from their Twitter stream (or bio) that they’re interested in Cellular Phones and the Cellular Industry the next time you come across a great article about that topic try tweeting it with an @mention directed to the person with whom you’re trying to engage. If it’s a contentious article pick a side and express it in your tweet and see if they agree strongly or disagree. In this case either will work well to spark an intelligent discussion.

The personal touch for the second thing I mentioned is so key. I personally would love it if someone brought something to my attention of interest to me I haven’t yet seen. That’s part of the reason I’m on Twitter and follow the people I follow.

Of course remember that this definitely won’t work if you try sharing things from major websites that everyone in that particular area of interest already reads (Example: trying to get a person heavily involved in Social Media’s attention by posting a link to a Mashable article.) You have to bring something new and different to the table to catch a person’s attention.

Give this a try and let me know how it works out!

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