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My Free Saturday Night At PodCamp Toronto 2011 #PCTO2011

I kan haz drink tickets?

Tonight I finally made it out to a PodCamp Toronto 2011 event in real life (IRL). I came to the PodCamp Toronto Afterparty at the Ryerson University bar The Ram In The Rye and met many of the usual suspects and a lot of new faces too!

I didn’t make it to anything IRL today because it was my grandfather’s 90th birthday on Thursday. Because of that there was a big thing in my Shul (that’s a Yiddish word for Synagogue) as well as my two out of town brothers being in town along with one of my nephews in town. That’s why I had to live stream many of the talks today from home. Tomorrow, however, I will be in attendance IRL.

There has been free drinks all night (drink tickets pictured, ya I have a lot of them, #FirstWorldProblems) and I got free parking on Queen Street East courtesy of Autos.ca which is pretty sweet.

Thanks muchly to Chris @Canadian88 for the blog post title and for telling me where the nearest free parking lot is! So much win tonight!

Gotta go use those drink tickets!!!

Hooray Free Parking Day!

UPDATE: Totally thought this published last night. Damn you WordPress For BlackBerry. It should have published at 11:50pm last night so I am changing the published date to reflect that.

  1. March 1, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Free parking? Damn it!!! I paid $14 to park at PodCamp.

    • March 1, 2011 at 2:20 pm

      Oh man! That SUCKS! Autos.ca had free parking at different lots all over downtown on Saturday…key thing was you had to leave before the day ended (midnight, which IIRC I think you did anyway) or you got a $6 charge for parking for 2 hrs on Sunday (which I did).

      Sucks that you didn’t hear about that…thought I tweeted about it a few times and even shared the post about it in GoogleReader…I’ll have to remember you’re one of us ‘driving crew’ who always wants to know about free parking & let you know when I see such things from here on out!

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