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Choose One: Super Intelligent Or Extremely Good Looking? I Choose The Former With 3 Reasons Why.



"MIND = BLOWN: How to test short sightedness" via DailyDawdle


In The Daily Post at WordPress.com the February 11th topic they gave to help us in the Post A Day Challenge was “Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good looking?” and as it is 11:05 pm and I have yet to write anything today in the Post A Day Challenge I thought I would go with it. Also, I found that image I posted above on DailyDawdle.com the other day and thought it was really cool.

So which would I prefer? Well this one didn’t take me much thought or consideration to be honest. I’d choose to be super intelligent!

There are three reasons for that:

  1. If I was super intelligent I could probably figure out a way to make myself better looking.
  2. If I was super intelligent I could probably turn that into massive amounts of wealth then I can probably get as many tech gadgets as my heart desires…and I love me my tech gadgets and toys.
  3. I’m a guy and (hooray) in general women aren’t as shallow as men about looks when choosing a partner.

The “Bonus Question’ they asked was: “What if you could be both, but not at the same time?

My answer to the Bonus Question assumes it is a 3rd option for the original question and so I will say I stick with my original answer. Think how confusing that would be for the people around me! Also I stand by the reasons I already gave as to why I choose super intelligence over extreme good looks.

Well, that was my decision on the question posed – what do you think you’d choose? What do you think of my reasons? I’d love to hear your own thoughts.

  1. Danah Ashcroft
    February 28, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Question: Is the amount of intelligence inversely proportional to your looks? Is there the option to be average looking but smart?

    I think I would rather be smart myself. I would rather be able to hold a conversation then be something to stare at. And if in this world looks were inversely proportional I would rather be with the not good looking people since they could hold a conversation. I think it would be the worst situation if you were with someone that you couldn’t talk to about the bigger things in life.

    • February 28, 2011 at 10:24 am


      I don’t know whether the looks-intelligence is a trade-off…it doesn’t say in the question so I am going to assume I will look the same as I do now just be super-intelligent if I took that route. Same goes with extremely good looking, I assume we’d stay at our current level of intelligence…it never says anything about it being a trade off.

      • Danah Ashcroft
        February 28, 2011 at 11:15 am

        Hummm interesting. I think that in order to make it a delema there needs to be a trade of since there are some people that are very good looking and also smart. They would be like gods in this senario.

        I have a board game called “Would you rather…” and it asks questions like this all the time.

        I think they also have it at “Snakes and Lattes” if you are interested it checking it out for fun and interesting things to possibly discuss on days where you have little time or writers block.

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