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Posting Through My Cough About My Favorite Lozenges Even Though We Aren’t Friends

I have a cough right now – the cough to end all coughs in my books. But, as my regular readers know, I am still engaged in the 2011 Post-A-Day Challenge so I am posting today.

Last night I went out and bought a couple packs of my favorite lozenge for dealing with coughs. Fisherman’s Friend Cherry Flavor.

Getting that picture that you see above from the Fisherman’s Friend web site I found out a couple things I never knew before about Fisherman’s Friend Cherry – most importantly to me that it is only available in selected countries…it has been my go to in Canada for so many years that I just took it for granted they sold it anywhere you could get Fisherman’s Friend. I guess not. And in case you were wondering where else they are sold – according to the website “Fisherman’s Friend is sold in over 100 countries worldwide.” Good to know.

Also “Over 6,000,000,000 Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are eaten each year.” I know I probably eat about a billion whenever I have a cough or sore throat…I wonder who eats the other 5 billion?

But, as I said in the title above, these lozenges aren’t my friends. I assume this is so because I am not a fisherman (never even been fishing)…this makes me wonder how well they work for their friends if they do such amazing work for an acquaintance like me.

What’s your go to cough/throat lozenge?

I am considering going to sleep now. Maybe I’ll watch some TV…I wish I was at #CanLIT but I don’t want to infect everyone there and drinking probably won’t help my condition right now.

Also I need to rest up for a busy day tomorrow and tomorrow night! Tomorrow is the Flight Centre Travel Expo in Toronto and in the evening I have 3 birthdays to get to as well as my friends over at MyCityLives.com who are celebrating their site’s first birthday!

Have a great weekend and stay amazingtastically superberrific!!!

* All logos and images in this post were taken from the respective brand’s website or Facebook Fan Page.

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