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Making Appearances At Events – Fighting Off My Cough – And A Halls Lozenge Disappointment

I was disappointed in myself for not making it out today to the Travel Expo as I had hoped but I decided sleeping was a much better idea in the hopes it would help me overcome this terrible cough. It didn’t.

However, I have things to do tonight so I am soldiering on! As you can see in the above picture I have a good survival pack set up. That’s right, I tell my friends I am going to be somewhere to help them celebrate something and throat/cough be damned! I spit in the eye of a little disease/virus! I got soul AND I’m a soldier so take that The Trews!

All of those items above SHOULD be working in tandem except for one fatal error – the Halls aren’t actually cough candies/throat lozenges. Yes, I know…you’d think they were. That’s what the whole brand IS for crying out loud! Heck, even their website describes itself as such.

The above is a screenshot of their website. Notice in the tab above it the website’s title – “Halls Cough Drops”. However, these Vitamin C Halls I bought are NOT cough drops! They’re just Vitamin C supplements! I thought I would be getting cough drops – good for my cough WITH Vitamin C – also good for your body to fight off sickness. But noooooo! I was mistaken. At least I still have my Fisherman’s Friend!

Also, #ProTip not mentioned above: Codeine is a great cough suppressant and there is 8 mg of  codeine in Tylenol 1. Tylenol 1 (or its no-name equivalent) is available without a prescription in Canada you just have to ask for it as they keep it behind the counter. However, DO NOT drink alcohol while you are taking Tylenol/Acetaminophen it overworks your liver and that isn’t good.

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