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March 14th May Be The Best Day Of The Year: National Napping Day, International Steak & BJ Day, AND Pi Day!

Wow, today is such a crazy awesome day! There is so much going on today I barely had time to blog about it! As you probably are already aware today is March 14th. This means that the date can be read as 3/14 and if we replace the slash with a period we get 3.14 the first in a long line of digits for the irrational number also known as Pi (π). What will really be cool is when in 2015 we will be able to say it is 03/14/15 OR  3.1415 – that will make it not only Pi Day but essentially Pi Year! Can’t wait for that to happen.

Ladies, in respect to this day and the all important other implications of it (see below) feel free to get your man a nice warm pie as a desert for the meal you made him but before he hits the hay (more explanation below as well).

As a side not on Pi Day of Pi Year I will also be at the most 7 months away from being able to buy a hovercar and a hoverboard. I know this because in Back To The Future II they go to October 16, 2015 and they seem to be quite ubiquitous but I’m giving science a little bit of extra time to catch up.


A hoverboard in use. Added by Riffsyphon1024 on Futurepedia


Moving right along, today is also the first work day after we “spring forward” and change the clocks forward an hour in most of Canada and the USA. This means that on the second Saturday night in March we lose an hour of sleep if we wake up at our regular time – this is part of the reason the change is done on the weekend.

However, even though this change is done on the weekend, many of us are still quite groggy come the first Monday where our bodies haven’t gotten used to this huge time change. As such, a brilliant visionary couple in Boston invented “National Napping Day” in 1999. The couple I am referring to are Boston University professor William Anthony, Ph.D. and his (probably well rested) wife, Camille. Great idea, and I hope you took advantage today! Again, I would have posted this earlier but I was busy with the pie and the nap and the last aspect of today….

Steak & Blowjob Day!!!

The man who invented this important day, often called the Male Valetine's Day - Tom Birdsey. This image links to his MySpace page.

This important holiday was invented by the man pictured above – Tom Birdsey. He is/was a DJ in the Boston area – wow, two awesome things came out of Boston making today amazing for men. He declared in 2002 that the male gender should have an answer to Valentine’s Day where they treat their ladies like the goddesses they obviously are.

There is even a petition to the United States Congress to recognize this important holiday, it already has 4884 signatures and you can sign it for yourself here: Steak and BJ Day Petition to U.S. Congress – http://www.petitiononline.com/320BJ/petition.html. (As far as I know, there is no petition like this to the Canadian Parliament so feel free to create one)

So as you can see today is pretty fantastic for men around the world:

We get steak.

We get fellatio.

We get pie.

Then we get to take a nap.

That is so much win I think most other days probably feel left out.


via ManCards.com

There’s also, naturally, a  Twitter account for the day: @steakandblowjob. You can, as well, follow the hashtag #steakandbjday on Twitter for pictures and updates about today.

There are websites devoted to this day:

Break.com made a video about this day.

There are Facebook Groups & Pages devoted to this day:

Cake and Cunnilingus Day

And now, there is even a counter movement by women to make “Cake and Cunnilingus Day” – http://www.facebook.com/cakeandcunnilingusday on April 14th. Now, I am all for pleasing ladies and good/reciprocal relationships, don’t get me wrong, but this just sounds silly. They describe it as a day “[f]or the female’s who didn’t get everything (or anything) they wanted on Valentine’s Day” and “if your Valentine’s Day didn’t go according to plan, or you showed your man a good time on March 14th and feel owed some reciprocal loving – then APRIL 14th is our time.

Ladies of that movement, allow me to explain why I don’t agree with this idea:

If we, as men, agree to this then when will it end? Will May 14th then become some other male oriented holiday in case a man feels he did a superb job on April 14th and didn’t get the March 14th he deserved? No, that’s ridiculous! If you’re man doesn’t treat you well on Valentine’s Day you reserve the right to give him a crappy Steak & BJ Day. The idea behind making March 14th, Steak & BJ Day is merely as incentive for your men to give you an amazing Valentine’s Day. If we make April 14th Cake and Cunnilingus Day the cycle will never stop. Of course we can all agree that every day should be one of love and harmony and treating your partner as best you can, showering them with love and affection let’s please leave these 2 days as special days for each gender.

This is explained by the lovely Jenny Kelley from ILoveFlavor.com for the Rod Ryan Show on 94.5fm The Buzz in Houston, TX in the video below. A good gift = a certain cut of steak whereas a worse gift a worse cut of steak and so on. Check out the video below.

  1. Vigilant Satyr
    March 15, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    The real holiday is Steak and Knobber Day (http://www.steakandknobberday.com), initiated in 1998 by Dave Rickards, host of Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw, the morning show on 101.5 KGB FM at the time.

    You can currently find them on Jack FM 100.7 KFMB in the mornings.

    This Tom Birdsey guy may have independently developed it, but alas, he was beaten to the punch.

    However, those that have observed it on Mar. 14th are encouraged to observe the correct day of Mar. 20th as well.

    • March 16, 2011 at 12:10 am

      Well I have never heard of Steak & Knobber Day, sounds like something I will have to look into.
      Alas, although they may have been first it seems most ppl know of the holiday to be on the 14th so they may have already lost against the tide of public opinion & acknowledgment.

  2. Sarah T.
    March 12, 2015 at 7:07 pm

    Kind of a funny article.. I forgot about Pi Day! By the way, some of those links don’t work and 1 made my antivirus software block something. I did some digging around, and here is the official Steak and Blowjob Day website:

    Here is the Facebook page too:

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