Dan Levy FAQ & LNN FAQ

Portrait of me, Dan Levy, by @PhotoJunkie Rannie Turingan from PodCamp Toronto 2011.

As some of you may know, my name, Dan Levy, is a pretty common name and there a lot of people running around with it – I call them my namelgängers.

Like most Dans my full name is actually Daniel and in 1981, the year I was born, my name was the 10th most popular baby name amongst the U.S. Population according to BabyNames.com and that’s only the year I was born! In fact, I looked at the same site’s data for my name historically and since 1950 it has never dropped lower than the #21 spot occupying the Top 10 from 1981 until 2009 except for a brief 3 years when it was 11, 11, & 12.

As well, according to ThinkBabyNames.com which sourced the 1990 U.S. Census my last name, Levy, was the 872nd most popular surname out of 88799 surnames in the USA. That adds up to a, relatively, REALLY popular name and somewhat to my constant dismay I can almost never get my name as a username anywhere online unless my friend launches the service and tells me about it before it’s open to the public OR I get in on the beta testing of the service – and even in the beta testing scenario the likelihood isn’t so high.

The above is why, often times I am asked if I am related to some people or am confused with other people who are way more famous than I am both in the real world and on the Interiorwebs. Beyond that, some people have asked me some questions about the name of this blog and how it came about so I thought that if I roll all those questions into one post I can make my own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) post all about one of my favorite topics – ME!

‘Dan Levy’ & The Surname ‘Levy’

  • Who’s that in your avatar/profile picture? Why, that’s a picture of me, who is that in your profile picture? Yes, I actually got this question more than once on Twitter and on Facebook. It hasn’t happened since I switched my picture to the one you see displayed with this post but happens oddly frequently. I would say 8/10 times when I fire back with the response above I don’t get a reply to my question…how rude.
  • Are you related to the actor Eugene Levy originally from Hamilton? & Are you related to NameX Levy from PlaceY? Nope. Except for my brothers we are the only ones with the name Levy who I am related to and currently alive (and aware of). In terms of Eugene Levy, as far as I know, we are totally and absolutely not related. My dad’s family is from New York City and have been there since my great-grandparents Max & Minnie came to America some time in the late 19th Century from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I know my grandfather Moe was born in 1901 in New York City and he had a 5 or 6 siblings, the majority of them male and I believe one sister but I have never met any of their families and don’t even know who/where they are. So there IS a possibility that Eugene’s father was my great-uncle, I suppose, but I don’t think so because we pronounce our last names differently (more on that later). Further, our last name was changed at the border/immigration, we think the original name was Evansky, when Max (with Minnie?) came to the States. So unless Max came with a brother who also changed his surname, no one else from Max’s family would have had the last name Levy. The only other relative I had named Levy that I know of was my dad’s half-brother Dr. Jerome Levy, of Albuquerque, NM who died in 2009 (we never met) who had two daughters (I also never met them) who both passed away as well. So if you’re a Levy somewhere out there and any of this family tree sounds reminiscent of your family tree I would love to hear from you – maybe I do have cousins named Levy I don’t even know about!
  • Your name ISN’T pronounced “Leh-vee” (\ˈle-vē\) like Eugene Levy pronounces it and the same as the things that failed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina? Are you sure? Nope, my last name is pronounced “Lee-vee” (because it isn’t an actual word I couldn’t get it done in those fancy pronunciation symbols which uses the ‘Phonetic Alphabet” ). My last name is not pronounced Leh-vee although many people in my family have given up trying to correct people because everyone else (especially in Canada) seems to know how our name is pronounced better than we do. I have literally introdouced myself to people and said my last name correctly and they’ll reply, “Nice to meet you Mr. Leh-vee.” It is at that point I usually don’t bother to correct them unless I plan on actually talking to them ever again. (And in regard to the things in New Orleans those are spelled ‘levee’ anyway so HA!) My theory as to why people in English speaking Canada (not Quebec) automatically call us Leh-vee and most people in the USA will call us Lee-vee (proper pronunciation) hinges on (1) a certain well known actor hailing from Canada who pronounces his name Leh-vee, (2) the Pro Football Hall of Fame Head Coach & Front Office Executive – Marv Levy who pronounces his name like we do and whose family is originally from Quebec, and (3) just a difference in pronunciation between the USA and Canada – as I mentioned above, our family name originated from New York, USA. And yes, I am sure.

Side Note: Marv Levy’s full name is “Marvin Daniel Levy”, so he too can be considered a namelgänger. As well, his birthday is the same day (not date) as my dad’s August 3, and my dad’s name was Mark; just one letter off from Marv. What are the odds?

(Click To Enlarge) Google Images search results for “dan levy”. Notice how my first picture is on the bottom of Page 2 amongst all my namelgängers.

  • OH! MY! GOD! Did you know you have the same name as the guy who hosted “The After Show” of “The Hills” on MTV? Yes, I am well aware of his existence, he’s Eugene Levy’s son. I actually met him at a party a year or so back and he told me people always call him “Lee-vee” and he feels pretentious correcting them. I found this fairly amusing given I have the exact opposite problem. I doubt he remembers it though. I likely wouldn’t have found out what “The After Show” was for a while if it hadn’t been for him hosting it. I wish him the best of luck in his career but quite honestly the one time I watched an episode of “The Hills” I decided it wasn’t a show that appealed to me. You’re welcome J³ for me sitting there and watching it, I think you remember why and just know you still owe me. That Dan Levy is one of my namelgängers and as I mentioned above, I have a number of them.
  • Have you ever heard of a guy named Dan Levy who…? I am sure I haven’t heard of all my namelgängers, because there are – as I mentioned above – A LOT of Dan Levys out there. But, the ones who are online and/or ‘kind of a big deal’, in general I know about, yes. There’s Eugene Levy’s son Dan mentioned above; there’s a guy who’s a sports columnist, a ‘Professional Conversationalist’, and podcaster with a show about, “sports, media and the world around us,” called On the DL with Dan Levy; there’s a guy who’s a comedian in Los Angeles and actually got Twitter account @DanLevy right out from under my feet as I was trying to convince Twitter to give it to me because the owner of the account hadn’t used it in around 3 years. That Dan Levy is why when I decided to change my Twitter handle I went from @Dan_L to @TheDanLevy – – but I now yearn for @Levy who tweeted once that they were “Chilling” at 3:47 PM on October 28, 2007 and hasn’t tweeted since. Y’hear that Twitter? Hook me up! I’ll take good care of the handle and use it regularly, I promise! 😀
  • Somebody told me you got a job at FLARE Magazine, did you? OK, honestly, this one doesn’t count as a ‘frequently’ asked question. It was actually only asked once but it was quite hilarious to me when it was asked as I was completely puzzled by the question due to it being so random. No, I didn’t get a job at FLARE Magazine that was ‘the other’ Dan Levy – the one who is also in Toronto but is way more famous and who’s picture shows up in Google Images way before mine does last I checked. (See picture on the right side, above)

LNN: Levy News Network

  • What is the Levy News Network? This site is called The Levy News Network and as you can probably tell it doesn’t have a lot of breaking news on it. It’s just my little corner of the Interiorwebs to write my thoughts about different things as they strike my fancy. Originally, it was not intended to necessarily be a post every day sort of thing but now that I have taken on the WordPress 2011 Post A Day Challenge, I am posting every day so keep checking back or to make it even easier subscribe!
  • Where’d the name come from? The reason I named it as I did is because for years and years my friends have called ME the Levy News Network. They did this because, according to them, I am always in the know about things going on in the city, the world at large, and in our circle of friends. I also have always had a knack for staying connected to people and friends even after they’re no longer a regular part of my life or move out of the city. As such, my friends would often turn to me for updates and news about mutual friends who they had lost touch with. My role as LevyNewsNetwork long predates Facebook’s existence and my friends even used to joke that I don’t sleep because if I did the interwebs would come to a crashing halt as it all ran through my brain (I am not kidding on this, they actually used to say that and still do). So, when it came time to name this site the natural choice for me was LevyNewsNetwork! Also I like the sound of it. Sadly, one of the friends who was probably the most important factor in naming me the ‘Levy News Network’ and to my memory actually came up with the title is the subject of my post “Friendship” and currently is not talking to me. That really sucks in my opinion but what can I do aside from continue to try and reach out to him?

Well that’s all I can think of in terms of the most frequently asked questions I get being me. This post idea actually came to me today as sort of a fun thing to do and, quite honestly, I don’t think I needed a FAQ but I liked the idea of having one. Someday I may actually need one and then I will probably have to create a FAQ 2.0 or something.

I know that anyone reading this later on will wonder why am I writing “Happy St Patrick’s Day!” below, but look at the date of the post and you will understand. Hope you are having a great day and all is well with you wherever you are! For my Jewish readers I hope, if you fasted today for The Fast of Esther, it was an easy fast!

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    • April 6, 2013 at 7:00 pm

      Thanks man. I am reaching out to you right now via Twitter…I’d love to know how we’re related!

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