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#JapanQuakeTO Fundraiser In Toronto March 31 For The Japanese People Affected By The Earthquake

As your have probably heard – because it was on every channel of every type of media for the past couple of weeks there was an earthquake in Japan and a subsequent tsunami. 

Tomorrow evening there will be a benefit with proceeds going directly to the Canadian Red Cross to help these people affected by these tragic events. For the purposes of this post I am not going to lie I have copy/pasted the bulk of the info and even text from the JapanQuakeTO website as they have all the info and I am just rehashing their words for this important effort in the hopes of bringing some more people out and raising some more money for the Japanese people. I have added some of my own personal style and links where I felt necessary.

As they describe it on their website#JapanQuakeTO (you can click that hashtag to search it on Twitter) is an evening fundraiser for the Japanese citizens displaced by the tsunami. Organized in the hours following the disaster in Japan, it’s a one night event to raise funds for the rescue efforts currently underway.”

“Join in TOMORROW at Tattoo Rock Parlour (click this link for their site) – at 567 Queen Street West (Google Place Page here)- for a night of fundraising; networking with Toronto’s brightest technology, social media and startup minds; and entertainment provided by the hottest DJ’s on the Toronto club scene!

If you haven’t already, grab your ticket for the event here!


Tickets are $16.95 with tax and will be available online until 3 p.m. on Thursday. All the proceeds from the tickets go to the Canadian Red Cross.

Tickets will also be sold at the door but capacity is limited.

There will be THREE amazing DJs lined up for the night – Justin Barkie, HopScottch and Carson from LE DJ. These DJs will be hosting a shuffle party all night long.

If you wanna get a tattoo then this benefit is also perfect for you! Visit the Boozehound Tattoo Shop in Tattoo Rock Parlour during JapanQuakeTO and get a $40 Kanji Tattoo. Half the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross as well!!! That is just so much win, you get an awesome Kanji Tattoo and MOAR MONEYZ get donated to help Japan!


There will be some AMAZING raffle prizes starting at 10 p.m. which is all the more incentive to make sure to get to the party early and get your tickets in for a chance to win!

Thanks to the stupendous in-kind sponsors the prizes include:

So buy a ticket – http://guestlistapp.com/events/49341 – if you haven’t already and I’ll see you tomorrow night doing good deeds!!! (Pssst! when I say ‘doing good deeds’ I meant drinking & partying, shhhh! Don’t tell! But it is a good deed if we do it for charity, right?)

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