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“Samantha Ardente”: If You Didn’t Want To Be Caught You Were Working In The WRONG Place

Samantha Ardente still image from Pegas Productions. She is the brunette on the left, opening the door in the picture.

On Friday we all heard about the secretary/office assistant in a Quebec City-area high school – the actual name of the city is Levis and the school is Etchemins High School – who had her employment terminated after it came to light that she had been working in the porn industry under the name “Samantha Ardente”.  Apparently the school board made some conditions she had to abide by if she wanted to keep her job which were too much and unfortunately I do not know what they are/were so I cannot comment on them. The National Post has an article about it here, the Globe & Mail has one here, even CBS News in the States talked about it here. She was even contacted by NBC and may at some point appear on Jay Leno as Canoe tells us here.

Before I go on let me make clear that while I won’t be posting any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) pictures on this article there will be links to NSFW pages so think before you click, and don’t worry, I will warn you every time the  link is NSFW.

Here is the obligatory information for all those wondering about what kind of pornographic work she did (you sickos, haha):

The company she was working for is PegasProductions.com NSFW Link. Here is her (English) profile page on Pegas Productions’ website – again NSFW Link. The name of the movie she was in for Pegas Productions was “Abuseurs en Série 2” or “Serial Abusers 2” and the name of the scene she was in was “La Vendeuse Fourrée” (in English “Real Estate Bargain”) a preview is located at this NSFW Link. The synopsis for the scene is “This realtor gets f**** by the 2 serial abusers in a desperate attempt to sell her condo. At least, the poor MILF will get an orgasm for her troubles.” The scene sounds riveting.

Pegas Productions Facebook Page

The film and this actress are so local that they don’t even appear on the Internet Adult Film Database or – also NSFW – iafd.com. I tried every variation I could think of for both the film title and the high school secretary’s porn name using French names as well as their translations into English (Ardente is French for Burning, thanks Google Translate!) and found nothing on a site which says it covers “…over 108,520 titles and 103,334 performers and directors…”. That could also be because it is a French language video and video production company but I don’t really know. For more about Pegas Productions you can find them on Facebook (as I pictured to the left).

There is even a fan page for Samantha Ardente set up, according to Canoe.ca, by the producer who hired her and owner of Pegas Productions – Nicolas Lafleur. He said in an interview he had warned her about the potential risks to her reputation. He also is quoted as saying, “She was very nervous, she didn’t want to lose her job…”.

That last bit brings me back to the  point of this post. To be clear, I have no interest in debating whether the woman we all know as Samantha Ardente was dismissed from her job rightfully or not or whether I think she should sue or not. Frankly, I don’t care. However, my point of writing is to say, Ms Ardente you clearly knew there was a possibility you could lose your job if this came out – assuming we believe Mr Lafleur’s version of events. Did you really think no one at the school was going to find out?

If you thought they weren’t going to find out then all I can say is:





You worked in a high school filled with teenage boys. I cannot think of any demographic who watches more pornographic content on the internet other than teenage boys. The only demographic I can maybe think of who might watch more online porn than teenage boys in a co-ed school like Etchemins High School (aka Ecole Secondaire Les Etchemins) are teenage boys in an all-boys school like I went to as a kid. There is no form of life on this Earth hornier and with more time on their hands other than a teenage boy. Tissue companies are probably able to stay in business because of teenage boys’ habits. Acting – is participating a more accurate word? – in a porn movie, especially one that is produced by a local company and is in French which probably doesn’t have near as many films produced as those done in English, is just asking to get caught if you work in a high school. I mean, come one! Maybe if you worked in an elementary school or university I could see you getting away with it (and in a university they probably wouldn’t even care). But you worked in a high school! That is the time in a boy’s life when he is going through puberty which means hormones and horniness ramped up more than any other time in a guy’s life. I think we have all heard over and over and over again from our female friends what horny sick pigs men in general are and these women are referring to men in their 20s! When we go through puberty we are way worse!

You knew there was a possibility you could lose your job (whether that is justified or not is irrelevant) over being in a pornographic film and yet you didn’t think you were going to get found out when you worked in a high school. I am sorry, all I can do is shake my head and laugh.

As an aside, according to AOLNEWs.com the 14 year old kid who found her out got suspended from school for asking the secretary for her autograph. She  refused to give the student an autograph and reportedly urged him to keep quiet about her roles in films. Again, idiot, like that was going to happen. You probably were better off had you given him the autograph but either way at that point you were more screwed in the real world than you had been in that movie.


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