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Yesterday’s “Audio Post” AKA A “Post By Voice” – My Thoughts And I Want To Know Yours!

Yesterday’s post as part of the Post-A-Day 2011 Challenge was a new type of post for me – and I assume for many of you who read this space every day.

I tried an Audio Post (what it posted as) which is also known as a “Post By Voice” and as you probably heard it was completely unscripted. It was live from the Foursquare Day 2011 Toronto event at the Firkin On King (well, technically outside of it in the lane way patio to the east) and it went well considering.

My Thoughts On It:


  • Came out extremely well.
  • I think it was a nice change in the way I blog every day.
  • The system is ridiculously easy to use. I just dialed in, dialed a code and I was off to the races with the post just talking into my phone (and getting some other people to talk as well).
  • Getting people to say hi on my blog is sort of like having guest bloggers! Good work by Courtney @CourtSweet Sweet, Jorge @RosalesJ Rosales, and Sacha @SachaSayan Sayan my “guest bloggers”
  • My energy was GREAT (I think so at least).


  • I wish WordPress gave me the option to choose to save it as a draft so that when I finished the post it didn’t just post with the bland name “Audio Post” and no tags or anything. I also would have liked to add pictures & some text before it posted but now – aside from adding a few “Post Tags” – I am letting the post stand as is.
  • It came out remarkably clear and except for a slight breakup of the audio at one point (alas it was when I said the name of Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford) it was a near perfect audio via my BlackBerry Torch on Fido.
  • It is a long distance call for Canadians, it is a good thing I have long distance minutes to the USA as part of my plan but WordPress should look into 1-800 number for at least North America.
Things I Should Think About For Next Time:
  • Definitely have some sort of script or notes before starting the whole post because I think I could have done a MUCH better job on the whole thing if I had something in front of me.
  • The above goes double for when you have been partying all night – and have consumed any alcohol – both things which I did do that evening.
  • Walk through said notes a couple of times beforehand so I can cut out all those “‘uuuhs’ and ‘ummms'”.
I also would love to hear your thoughts on that audio post!
  • What’d you think?
  • Did you like it & should I do it again?
  • Assuming you liked it should I make it a weekly or monthly thing?
  • Was it enough of a post for the day to stand on its own or did it need to be supplemented with a post that included text?
  • Any other thoughts on it at all would be very much appreciated.
  1. Danah Ashcroft
    April 18, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    I wasn’t such a fan. Maybe due to your points about script or notes. It seemed a bit random.

    Quality wise i thought it sounded fine.

    I like to read things so maybe that is my bias

    • April 19, 2011 at 5:09 pm

      Agreed, it was fairly random and I did need to improve on that but if we don’t try new things and be willing to do a bad job the first time we will never become good at them!

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