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Passover Seder At The Grandparents

OK, this is me blogging from inside my grandparents’ upstairs bathroom on my BlackBerry where I won’t be disturbed. No, I am not using the bathroom, it is just a room where I can lock the door and also go into without anyone wondering what I am doing.

You see, I am at a Passover seder (holiday meal) with my entire Orthodox Jewish family. It is sort of frowned upon – OK, VERY frowned upon – to use electronic devices like my phone on holidays like Passover (aka Pesach with the guttural, throat clearing “ch” sound). Therefore, so as not to offend some sensibilities, I have retreated to an upstairs bathroom to blog. I thought the seder would be done well before midnight so I could blog from my computer but we are still mid-meal. Actually, I can hear them starting the after meal benediction so I gotta head soon.

Why is the after meal benediction so important? Well, see I am, like my family, very religious and at the Passover seder we drink 4 cups of wine. I have thus far had 4 even though we are only 2 cups in. Right after the benediction is time for (Official) Cup #3 which is why I gotta go. I need at least 8 cups because I am so highly observant.

Oh, my grandmother fell asleep at the table about an hour ago. Most religious family ever! Haha.

See you in the funny pages!

Happy Holidays! Happy Monday! & Chag Sameach! (That’s Hebrew for Happy Holidays).

Levy. Out!

  1. jEw
    April 19, 2011 at 1:24 am

    im lovin this post

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