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Notable.ca Wines of Chile Event #NotableChileanWines

Tonight I was invited by the fine folks over at Notable.ca to a really cool event dubbed (on Twitter) #NotableChileanWines being put on in partnership with Wines of Chile (Facebook Link).

I am very excited to expand my palate and become more cultured. Also, to try some new alcohol – I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t part of it and all y’all already know me too well for me to get away with it anyway. Just like when I went to #MacallanTO event I am looking forward to the new experience and learning for which this event presents the opportunity.

While I do want to experience a new way to taste wine I am hoping that I will not end up tasting my own sock as Gary @GaryVee Vaynerchuk once convinced Conan @ConanOBrien O’Brien to do when he was a guest on Conan’s show (along with grass, rocks, and dirt if I recall correctly). You can see the video of what I am talking about on Gary @GaryVee Vaynerchuk’s website GaryVaynerchuk.com.

I am almost off the subway right now, the train is pulling into Osgoode Station and I need to get off at St. Andrew Station (King Street West), the next stop. I’ll let you know how the event was in another post and you can follow my tweet stream at @TheDanLevy or the #NotableChileanWines hashtag.

Hope you’re having a great one, be it day, evening, night, morning or whatever!


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