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Blogging From My PlayBook Courtesy Of @BlackBerry #PlayBookCHI And YOU!!!

First things first, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped me win this little baby in the #PlayBookCHI contest on Twitter. Typing on a touch screen definitely takes A LOT of getting used to and the environment of the BlackBerry Tablet OS isn’t exactly he same as on a regular BlackBerry.

I am still in search of a Twitter app for the PlayBook and getting used to just using it in general but I promised a friend I’d come out and meet them tonight. However, when I came home this beautiful gem of a device was waiting for me. No, I didn’t end up going to the actual party in Chicago, this was shipped to me…but more on that later. Just wanted to get this post out and thank all y’all. I promise in future longer blog posts because I know I have been slacking as of late. I am even going to try and post something tonight in the wee hours of the AM that will sort of run together with this post.

No excuses, I am calling myself out on this.

Also, side note: This last part and the addition of links to the Twitter searches and previous posts all come via a full computer. I am still getting used to the PlayBook and it looks like I will really need a blogging app for it – or maybe I just need to get more used to it.

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