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#PlayBookCHI Story Revealed & An Unboxing

As you all know from my posts here, here, and here I entered in the @BlackBerry contest on Twitter called #PlayBookCHI and eventually I did win one of the 50 PlayBooks they gave out to people who got the #PlayBookCHI hashtag retweeted with the @BlackBerry handle plus their own Twitter handle the most times.

I told you all that if/when I won I was going to road trip out to Chicago, IL for the #PlayBookCHI party and be able to blog more from the PlayBook itself once I had it in my hands. But you never saw any blog posts about a road trip to Chicago and you never heard anything from me about the device except for my Thank You post where I blogged from the PlayBook. This is because I didn’t end up making the road trip to Chicago.

So here is the full explanation – at least as much as I can give – finally, along with some unboxing pics of the device you helped me win (and which I ADORE).

I was all set to go to Chicago on Thursday morning until I realized I had a very important and personal matter to attend to on Friday afternoon in the Greater Toronto Area making it very difficult for me to be able to drive to Chicago, party at the #PlayBookCHI party, and drive home in time to attend to the above stated matter. I was all the more disappointed when I found out that a breakout new DJ who I have been really wanting to see named Avicii played the #PlayBookCHI party! Epic Fail by Dan! However, there are a couple of silver linings to this sad tale of Dan not being able to take his road trip:

  1. I found out how awesome the team at the Toronto and Chicago offices of BlackBerry’s PR agency really are as well as the folks at BlackBerry for being so understanding about the issues I was having and for agreeing to ship me my brand new and beautiful 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook!
  2. I got to pick up one of my best friends at the airport Friday morning and then spend Friday night in Dundas with him after not having seen him in almost 2 years and with his family who I haven’t seen in even longer.

But, enough with the sappy stuff. I didn’t go to Chicago, I wanted to go to Chicago, and I still do need to go to Chicago and visit my brother and some friends who I haven’t seen for the better part of a decade so that will have to happen some time soon. I came home last Tuesday to find a package from FedEx waiting for me from Chicago. Inside the box was a drawstring backpack emblazoned with the BlackBerry logo so if I wasn’t sure what was inside the box already now I was REALLY sure!

I opened the bag and pulled out the goodies inside. I expected to just find a 16 GB PlayBook (although, it didn’t hurt to hope for more, did it?) and I was surprised to find that not only was I sent a 16 GB BlackBerryPlayBook brand new in the box but they also included some BlackBerry PlayBook sunglasses as well as a BlackBerry PlayBook 2011 North American Tour which, no lie, I am wearing right now and it is a VERY comfortable t-shirt made by some company called “Alternative” out of Egypt (I have never heard of them before but now I might start looking for them). I then went through the task that every gadget geek absolutely loves as a precursor to actually using a new device or gadget or tech toy (or just “toy” as many significant others refer to them) – the unboxing.

First, I had to slide off the illustrated cover you see in the picture above and to the left. That left only a black box with two pieces of tape on it which were quickly cut off so I can get at the PlayBook whose weight I could feel as I held the box in my hand to cut the taped bonds. I opened the black box and ended up with this on the table – a simple, blue piece of plastic holding a brand new PlayBook in a black neoprene slide cover with the BlackBerry logo debossed across it obviously to provide some protection against the great outdoors for you PlayBook during every day use.

I pulled out the PlayBook itself from the neoprene slide cover and then pulled up the blue plastic to expose the less sexy components of the PlayBook – the USB Cable, AC adapter for charging, some instructions and safety information, and some quick instructions for getting the PlayBook ready for use because I don’t think any company actually believes that people read the instruction manual before they first turn on their device. I took one more picture and I was ready to roll.

I connected the PlayBook to my home Wi-Fi network, downloaded the updated OS for which had just been released, charged up the device a bit, set up the BlackBerry Bridge for PlayBook, wolfed down some supper and wrte this blog post to all y’all. I then took it out to Tequila Sunrise for #LoserKaraoke where it was ogled by many friends who haven’t seen one yet in the wild and admired and even wowed some iPhone users. I haven’t really been blogging from it because, quite frankly, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. The browser is absolutely stupendous, don’t get me wrong. Where I run into trouble is I simply am not yet used to the touch screen and using a touch keyboard exclusively for blogging. I also have yet to set up file sharing on my home network and learn the file structure of the PlayBook itself so that makes it difficult to embed pictures into the posts I want to write. I expected the BlackBerry Bridge would allow me to access the pictures on my BlackBerry Torch and use them on my PlayBook but it doesn’t. It does have an icon/app called “Bridge Files” so it might be merely a setting that I have to play with to enable the full functionality I’d like. Maybe it requires a software update for the OS, I don’t know.

  1. Danah Ashcroft
    May 10, 2011 at 8:23 am

    I really like the backpack and the box the playbook came in.

    • May 10, 2011 at 10:46 am

      Ya, I like those too…but I like the PlayBook more 🙂

  2. May 10, 2011 at 10:43 am

    NIIICE buddy! I love my playbook too.. Surprised that Chicago only got 16gb version tho! Enjoy!

    • May 10, 2011 at 10:53 am

      I think everywhere else except Toronto got 16gb versions…I wonder if it has to do with tax/contest laws in the US vs Canada but I don’t really know. I am more than happy with my 16gb version to be honest. I truly do not right now see why I would even need bigger unless I was going to store a whole bunch of videos (longer than can be played on one battery charge) on the PlayBook harddrive. Then again, knowing me in a few months I’ll be moaning about the lack of space because I always fill up harddrives I thought I’d never fill up when I got them haha.

  1. November 3, 2011 at 7:21 pm

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