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ProTip: Twitter Will Still Recognize The URL For An Account If You Include The @

OK, this will be a short post but it is a somewhat important discovery that I just realized the other day.

If you want to type in my Twitter account’s URL I am http://twitter.com/#!/thedanlevy or http://twitter.com/thedanlevy but the other day I noticed that if I were to type in the address with the @ before the Twitter handle so the URL looks like this http://twitter.com/@thedanlevy or like this http://twitter.com/#!/@thedanlevy it will still work.

You may be wondering what drove me to figure this out and why this is at all useful information. Well, as a guy who is doing a blog post a day as part of the PostADay 2011 Challenge I often find myself posting from my cell phone. When I post from my cell phone I often find it easier to copy paste names/Twitter handles from my Twitter feed or from a tweet into the blog post and then set up the link from there. But when I do that, more often than not I am copying the whole handle with the @ included. One time I decided to try using it in the URL for their Twitter page and lo and behold, it worked! If you are ever trying to just copy paste a Twitter name that isn’t something simple or just a standard, common name, you know what I mean when I say it is often easier to just copy and paste. Now you won’t have to go through the extra step of deleting that @ symbol because you now know that Twitter.com will still recognize it as a valid URL.

UPDATE May 20, 2011: I realized I forgot to mention a very important way that this is also useful. Something that is probably MUCH more relevant to most people even if they aren’t bloggers. Have you ever gone to a website and had to leave a comment or fill out an RSVP form (like on Guestlistapp.com or Eventbrite.com) and it asks you to fill out your Twitter handle? Or if you enter a contest/post a comment on a blog and are filling out one of those forms (like the one from Techvibes pictured to the right)? It always irked me that I was never sure if you are supposed to include the @ before my Twitter handle or not. Now I know that because Twitter doesn’t care about the @ in the URL if it is part of your handle you can ALWAYS add it and it is never a question!

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