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Hooray For #MegTO at @BostonPizzaYS!!!

Tonight I came out to the best Boston Pizza in all of Canada, the one at Yonge & Sheppard in North York, Toronto for a celebration of the one and only Meg Button at an event called, fittingly, #MegTO.

This was the second time I was at a tweetup when I didn’t know the vast majority of people who were there, the first time was the #KloutUp in June of last year (that was also my first tweetup).

#MegTO was basically a random North York tweetup that once again ended up being mostly people not from North York. The people who attended tonight were Meg’s team from work, me, and Calvin aka @cdot_in_tdot. Nonetheless, I still had an awesometastic time meeting some new people. The people were all really nice…maybe because Boss Lady Meg was around? Naaah! I think they were all genuinely really nice  and were being natural. I guess I will never really know because now they know I’m their boss’ friend.

Either way I had a great time tonight and our server tonight, Aleksandra, was spectacular.

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