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Party! @YelpToronto #Magic8Ball At @HotelOchoTO

Wow, what a night last night was! My friend Vivek, the community manager of Yelp in Toronto, told us about a month ago about another really awesome event coming up put on by Yelp in Toronto: Yelp’s Magic 8 Ball At Hotel Ocho. (In case you don’t know where Hotel Ocho is, it’s at the corner of Spadina Ave & Phoebe St just north of Queen St West). This event, unlike previous ones I have mentioned, was not an Elite event. Rather, I am pretty sure the idea behind it was to show everyone who isn’t Elite what Elite events are all about in terms of awesomeness and good times. In order to get into this event – as a non-Elite Yelper – all you had to so was RSVP to Yelp Toronto via the Yelp website. The party quickly hit capacity and confirmations were only sent out by email a few days before the party so I am unsure exactly how it was decided who got in and who was waitlisted but I assume it was done on a ‘first come, first serve’ system.

Shameless self promotion ahead: If you want to check out my reviews on Yelp head over to my profile at TheDanLevy.Yelp.ca.

Once I got into the venue – Hotel Ocho – I checked in and got my nametag and then it was time to check out the situation. I had already heard that the drink menu was going to be epic but I didn’t truly know what was in store for me until I looked at the sign which listed said drinks. Vivek did not lie, the menu was extensive to say the least, check it out below:

Yes, that drink menu was quite extensive with something to really appeal to all types of people’s drinking preferences. The list included drinks made with products from:

Now, I personally do not get drunk very often. There are a number of reasons for this, the main one is because I have a very high tolerance and it takes a lot of effort for me to get a good drunken buzz going never mind actually getting drunk. However, a couple of my friends really wanted me to actually endeavour to get drunk one night when I was out with them.

That was why last night I decided I was going to drink for the “cycle”. ‘What is the cycle?’ You may be wondering. It is a baseball term and the best way to describe it was what I found according to Wikipedia “Hitting For The Cycle” it is: “In baseball, a player hits for the cycle when he hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in the same game, though not necessarily in that order. Collecting the hits in that order is known as a natural cycle.” In fact, this is such a difficult feat that only 291 players have ever done it since the first one was recorded in 1882. My version of the cycle was going to be to drink everything on that drink menu….except for the Amsterdam beer which wasn’t a mix drink or a special Yelp/Hotel Ocho concoction so I considered it a walk (baseball reference again) and not necessary to complete the cycle. In retrospect, I should have attempted to complete the ‘natural cycle’ of drinking but I didn’t follow the order on the menu so I only was able to complete the cycle.

I once again had a caesar (you remember the first time!) this time with Bakon Vodka! It obviously had Mott’s Clamato in it. I actually found out that the presence of the Clamato was remarkable in that the representative for Clamato had to go our and buy enough bottles of it at different stores around the city before the event…I don’t know why this was necessitated I just know it was. Also, in case you’re wondering – Bakon Vodka is totally VEGAN! That’s right, it has no actual bacon in it. Apparently they tried to use real bacon when they first concocted the vodka but for one reason or another it didn’t work out. I also tried a straight shot of Bakon Vodka – not bad, to me it tasted like drinking those Sour Cream & Bacon chips that Ruffles used to have and/or Smokey Bacon that Lay’s currently has – I don’t recall which exactly, to be honest, because I haven’t had them in a while but the chip flavor is exactly what went through my head the second I tried the Bakon Vodka.

We heard from Vivek all the important Yelp updates as was usual at Elite events and always welcome.

Popchips were there too! They had folks coming around with trays of Popchips hanging from their necks. Eating those delicious snacks definitely helped me with the cycle too!

In case you were wondering, yes, I was successful in completing the cycle of Yelp drinking – and I was not inebriated at the conclusion of the cycle either! Above, is a picture of me with the last two drinks. I had that Yelp branded bar adornment in my mouth because I thought it was amusing. It probably would have worked better if the camera had been able to focus on it & you could make out what the sign said. After the event, I even went out for Vietnamese cuisine with Vivek and a couple other Yelpers. Vivek told me today that: “[t]he official #magic8ball endurance award goes to @thedanlevy. He made it until the very end. You’re a champ, dude.


  1. June 3, 2011 at 8:11 am

    You are hilarious….you were definitely somewhere in the middle of the cycle when I saw you that evening! Met some cool people at the Yelp party…if that’s what all of them are like, holy man, let’s be elite together! ^_^

    • June 4, 2011 at 4:46 pm

      I am totally with you Brennan! Great seeing you out and thanks for the comment.

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