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Time Management Skills – An Area I Can Improve Upon As A Blogger

I have said it before and I will say it again: I am not always the best with my time management when it comes to personal stuff – specifically this blog and the Post-A-Day Challenge. Tonight I was sitting at home about to write a blog post (and I have a couple brewing which will take a bit of effort to write because they are headier topics) when suddenly I get a call that I should go downtown to a cool event which I was supposedly supposed to be attending (as far as my email was concerned I wasn’t, but who knows even Google doesn’t know all, or do they?).

I rushed downtown got to the event and was having a good time meeting some new people and playing with a new tech toy – the HP TouchPad. When that was over, my friend Joallore (aka @clickflickca) asked me if I wanted to check out another shindig winding down right in the area. I looked at my watch, saw I had hours before midnight and figured “Sure, why the heck not – after all, I’m a Yes Man!” The event was really winding down when we got there after running into a couple of awesome folks on the street – wow Twitter REALLY does expand your social circles! – and after I left I ended up hanging out for a few minutes with the Notable.ca team. I left them and hopped in my car, where to my dismay, the clock read 11:29. CRAP!!!

So here I am, writing a post where I call myself out on my time management skills for this blog at 11:56pm 4 minutes to midnight about to hit the Publish button and pray you guys don’t hate me for this crappy post. I am sort of using this as a diary right now – life blogging – and accepting the guilt on this one. I have said I am not going to lie on this blog so I am giving you the straight story.

EPIC Social Media Day Toronto 2011 Missions (approximate route).

EPIC Social Media Day Toronto 2011 Missions (approximate route).

On a lighter/better note my time management skills in general have REALLY picked up. I was usually good at getting places on time but now I am so much better. I made it to the Social Media Day 2011 loading/setup time on time (at 6pm) even though I had to drive uptown to pick up some stuff during rush hour, pick up my buddy, drop my brother off at his baseball game and shoot back downtown all in 105 minutes. Ya, epic win by me on that one! (GoogleMaps says it should take 63 minutess with NO traffic)


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