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Launch Of The Toronto Rocket


I went yesterday to see the “launch” of the new subway cars called, fittingly the ‘Toronto Rocket’.

The new subway cars were specially built by Bombardier for the TTC. They are new and definitely improved. The launch of this new route of train took place at Downsview Station at the northern end of the Yonge-University-Spadina Line which is where the new train will be running as well as it’s brother reasons when they are put into service. (The rollout of these new trains is not all at once but rather it will be done incrementally.)

There were a while bunch of municipal, provincial, and federal bigwigs at this event along with tons of media and some guy I can only describe as Captain Canada – you’ll see him in one of the pictures below. If you know who he actually is…. please let me know!!! 

These new trains come with so much awesomeness embedded within them. There are newly designed maps of the subway system which are lit based on which station you’re at (by blinking green), which stations on the route the train has already been to (by turning them green), which stationa the train still had to get to on the route (by turning them reddish-orange), and which stations are interchange stations (they are a lighter orange than the stations that are still upcoming on the route).

I am actually writing this blog post from the road en route to Syracuse, New York. I am heading there this weekend to meet with 3 friends to meet a bunch of our friends who live in New York City and we don’t see each other often enough so we decided to meet in the middle. If I was at a full computer I would have done a better job staggering pictures and text but what can we do.


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