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Weekend In Upstate New York, New Haircut

This weekend finds me in the Syracuse area of New York. I came out here because it is midway between New York City and Toronto so some friends of ours didn’t have to drive all the way to Toronto but we could all still chill with each other for the weekend. We ended up today at the park you see in the Map above in that beach (obviously artificial) in the Google Maps satellite view inset – Green Lakes New York State Park.

We set up our little camp site a little bit away from the water because the signs said you weren’t allowed to bring a grill onto the grass further over, closer to the artificial beach. We had a bunch of beverages and a bunch of meat and it was a gloriously hot and mostly sunny day here out in Onondaga County, east of Syracuse.

The man made beach was pretty glorious – I have a feeling the entire beach area – water included – was made by man or altered by man in some way (as there was a huge shallow end and specific deep ends). We all went for a glorious time in the water and spent some time on the beach just enjoying the view of the glorious gorge where the Green Lakes State Park is located.

The treed off area where we BBQed and hung out most of the day made for some glorious pictures too. I also learned about a new game. I saw a whole bunch of people playing them and they seemed to be just left unattended all around our areas of the State Park. The game is – as a friend of mine, @William_Penman, put it on Twitter –  sort of like horseshoes 2.0. When I went over to take the picture you see below of the game the family who were right by it said hi to me. After a brief discussion they made clear that this was their set of whatever it’s called (I should have asked them but as of now probably find that out!) and every one of them I saw was owned by individual citizens and they’re available for under $20 at Wal-Mart. Do you know what it’s called?

Then I needed the uber touristy picture. I didn’t realize how ‘momentous’ this last picture was going to be. This turned out to be the last picture of me with ‘longer’ hair.

The above is cut to be ‘zoomed in’ in the thumbnail – go below for the complete version 

I have been meaning to shave my head for a little bit and even crowdsourced the question on Twitter the other day. The resulting answer I got from the crowd I sourced was a resounding yes. I decided better now than later so had my buddy who had his clippers in his car to give me a haircut right here at the hotel. What do you think? The picture above is the last picture I have taken with my hair before my haircut.

The picture above was taken from my laptop’s webcam in the hotel room. I last had hair this short (or close to it, I think it was a little longer then) during the wedding of my friends who I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post from this year: “I Believe In True Love. There, I Said It. (Valentine’s Day Blog Post)”, that was in 2009 – see picture below from that blog post. Feels good to have it back. Also, I am a huge fan of the different styles of hair I go through as it grows when I let it grow back haha.

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