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Toronto’s New Area Codes 437 & 387

Image cropped from original image found at http://www.cnac.ca/images/AreaCodeMap_highres.png

Well Torontonians, as I am sure most of you have already heard we are getting a new area code in under 2 years for our city, 12 years after we got 647 overlaid in 2001. Yet, the problem with the confusion between what is long distance and what is a local call within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) still exists as I discussed in my post of April 2010, “New 365 Area Code Overlay For 905/289 in Southern Ontario Coming 2013”.

When the new 365 area code is introduced on March 25, 2013 in the area which already has 905 and 289 there will also be a simultaneous introduction of a new area code for Toronto – 437. While that is great and I am all for all of us getting tons of new numbers as we buy more and more technology I can’t help but feel the same two things as I felt in April of 2010:

  • The idea that we aren’t sure what is a long distance call from the GTA to within the 905/289/365 area code is absolutely insane. Why can’t they just separate the long distance areas of the 905 area code from the non-long distance area of the 905 area code and assign one of them the 365 area code. That will free up numbers within 905/289 and make everyone’s life so much easier.
  • I can’t stand the fact that we are still being charged long distance for calls within our own country and even within the same province. I think it discourages economic growth and keeps us separate and regional as a nation. It is straight up BAD and it must be changed so Canada isn’t continued to be perceived as backwards in the international forum. (I cannot back any of this up as I have no studies to prove it, it is just my personal feeling and logical conclusion based on my own experience with how differently people react to foreign area codes in Canada vs in the USA.)

As an aside, there are already plans in place for when the new 437 area code runs out in Toronto – they are going to give us a 4th area code: 387. Personally, I think somewhere in Canada (maybe BC, but Toronto works too) needs to get area code 420 for obvious reasons. Also, did you know the international country code +420 is linked to the Czech Republic and not to The Netherlands…what’s up with that?

What do you think? Do you agree that we should be doing something with the 905/289/365 area code and working to separate it in a way that makes sense for people within the GTA vs people outside of it? Do you like Toronto’s new area code? Will 647 now become an OK area code to have and people with them will no longer be looked down upon?

Sidenote: This is my 250th post to this blog and 206th post in the Post A Day Challenge.

  1. Alex A
    October 6, 2014 at 2:57 am

    I know this is a very old post, but I will comment anyway. The suggestion in your first bullet is absolutely ridiculous. While such a distinction could be made for people living in Toronto, it wouldn’t work for anyone else. If you live on the north side of Steeles you would need that line in a different place. If you lived in Hamilton, the line would be in a completely different place. The only result of your proposal would be to make a complete dogs breakfast of the area codes.

    The long distance rates you mention in your second bullet all boils down to greed on the part of the phone companies. Bell is probably the worst of the bunch. With them if you don’t have a plan, not only do they charge exorbitant rates for the long distance call, the first long distance call each month triggers a $4.95 additional service fee. All for what? For printing a couple extra lines on your phone bill. They must buy really expensive toner.

    Most people solve this problem by getting some sort of plan. Maybe not free but at least then there is no per call charge. And for some companies may even be less that Bell’s rates without a plan.

    • October 6, 2014 at 12:29 pm

      I didn’t realize that there are other areas of the 905 aside from the parts like Vaughan (local call for Toronto) which are long distance from each other. You’re saying that 905 Hamilton to 905 Niagara Falls is long distance? Also, my idea does still make some sense since Toronto & the GTA have far more people in them than the rest of the 905. According to census numbers, 18% of the population of the entire Canada lives in the GTA. So if you want to benefit the most people, Toronto/GTA should be at the top of the list.

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