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I’m Making A List, I’m Checking It Thrice, Gotta Remember To Go Buy Ice…

OK, no I don’t actually need to go buy ice but it was one of the only mundane chores I could think of that which rhymes with ‘thrice’. Honestly, with all those memo pad apps and calendars/task managers online I, a geek and technophile, still find there is nothing quite like having a little piece of paper with a list of things to get done in my back pocket. It helps prevent procrastination and promotes productivity.

A mock handwritten to do list.

There is something that is so gratifying about being able to cross an item off the list as you go along. You get to see  your progress and as the things get crossed off the list becomes less daunting. Crossing things off my list physically, with a pen writing on a piece of paper gives me a certain sense of accomplishment that highlighting the line and clicking the “strikethrough” option for the font (to make it look like this) just doesn’t. In general, I like to keep this list in my back left pocket because I have lots of stuff in my front pockets and this way the list is always instantly accessible with almost no thought or digging around and sifting. I also improve my green, eco-friendliness by using these lists because I am more often than not using pieces of paper to write on that would have otherwise gone directly to the recycling/garbage.

Oh, and one last thing: much like crossing things off the list is extremely gratifying, balling it up or tearing it into little pieces and then throwing the list with everything crossed off of it into the recycle or trash is a hugely gratifying. If you’re going to ball it up, I recommend an arced basketball shot from at least 3 feet away.

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