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#TOBeerFest 2011 Roundup. What A Day!

In my succinct post last night after I had left Toronto’s Festival of Beer 2011 but before I had gotten home I made pretty clear that I had had a stupendous time even with the few words I used. But now I will give you guys the roundup you deserve. I had a fantastic time and want to once again thank the folks running the event – as I did in my original post – for inviting me.

TOBeerFest 2011 book, media band, tokens & pin

Beer Bucks (the gray tokens), a pin with the tweeting info, media bracelet, and a Toronto's Festival of Beer 2011 Pocket Guide.

I woke up on Sunday morning to the sound of a very loud thunder-clap and before I opened my eyes thought three things:

  1. I hope it isn’t raining right now downtown (I live in the Downsview area of North York).
  2. I hope it isn’t going to be raining all day today.
  3. I hope I didn’t sleep in.

As far as I know, at the time it was raining downtown but it quickly cleared up, it didn’t rain all day Sunday but we did some rain, and I did not sleep in – WIN!

I headed downtown and after meeting up with @Yarden, @Affan, & @MegButton we headed in to Bandshell Park to see the sights and try some beer. As you can see below, the ‘venue’ for the Festival of Beer is BIG. I got there at about 2pm and I once again found there was almost no way I was able to try/see everything (this is the second year I have been with 2009 being my first time). Maybe for the 18th Annual Toronto’s Festival of Beer in 2012 they will offer 2 day passes for a discounted price so people will be better able to really go around and experience everything the festival has to offer. Or maybe put the map online so we can plan our attack before getting out there – that’d be awesome!

TOBeerFest 2011 map inside book 

TOBeerFest 2011 map inside guide book.

Being all fancy media types our first place we checked out was the Social Media Lounge which was an area where we could sit and relax and I even heard there were chargers to charge our devices if need be but I didn’t need. We saw so many familiar faces I began to wonder if anyone was anywhere else in Toronto on Sunday. It seemed as if most of Twitter was at the Toronto Beer Fest which just made the experience that much better. There was a special little table for within the Social Media Lounge that had beer but you could only use special tickets, no “Beer Bucks” (the tokens in gray in the top picture). We also got to sample some of the gourmet, deliciousness that people were lining up outside for – and let me tell you, delicious doesn’t quite cover it. They may call this a beer fest but it is more apt to call it a “Taste-Party-In-Your-Mouth-Fest.”

TOBeerFest 2011 Teds World Famous BBQ sandwiches Social Media Tent

TOBeerFest 2011 Teds World Famous BBQ sandwiches Social Media Tent. The inset is not an enlargement of the main picture but they are the same sandwiches just on a different tray.

Not even everything which they had on offer to drink was beer. Jack Daniel’s Whisky was there with a special concoction of Jack and lemonade in a can – they had already run out of the Jack & Coke cans – and they also had ginger ale and Jack. These went for a premium of two Beer Bucks for 4 ounces vs most of the beer which went for 1 Beer Buck per 4 ounces but I had to try it and I was not disappointed. This may be a new go to on a hot summer day when I am just not in the mood for a carbonated mixer with my Tennessee whisky.

TOBeerFest 2011 Jack & Lemonade by Jack Daniels

TOBeerFest 2011 Jack & Lemonade by Jack Daniels

One of the funniest parts for me about the above picture is when I approached the lady in the booth to take it she saw me holding my phone and I could see her expression did not convey her being impressed with what she thought I was about to ask. I asked her if she could take the picture you see above and she broke into a smile and said “SURE!” I then realized why she had had her earlier expression and asked her how many times that day she had been hit on or asked to pose with random dudes and the next expression on her face said it all. I guess I was a welcome change for her, just wanting a narcissistic picture of myself holding Jack Daniels & Lemonade in a can and in my cup.

TOBeerFest 2011 hugging St Ambrose beer cases

She really likes the brand she works for! Hugging St Ambrose beer cases.

We explored as much of the venue as we could – over the hours that we were there. Even a little bit (OK, for a couple minutes there was quite a lot a bit) of rain didn’t deter us from trekking around and checking out different types of beers that the festival had to offer or hearing The Trews play a sweet concert towards the end of the day. This was my first time seeing The Trews live and I was not disappointed. They played an amazing concert and I look forward to seeing them when I am not trying to rush around and spend my last Beer Bucks (as you can see by the fact I still have a bunch of them I was unsuccessful in this endeavor).

The Trews playing on stage at Toronto's Festival of Beer 2011 at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place.

The Trews playing on stage at Toronto's Festival of Beer 2011 at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place.

When I said everyone was there I really meant everyone was there! Even the Google Android was there posting up in front of the Rogers booth at the park. The Android looked uber thirsty so @EstherKatzman and I decided to give the Android a drink. Shhh, don’t tell Rogers or Google that the Android was drinking on the job! We don’t want to get the Android fired! As far as anyone is concerned, we superimposed the Android into this picture. Suuuure.

TOBeerFest 2011 feeding the Android beer.

TOBeerFest 2011 feeding the Android beer with @EstherKatzman

I already cannot wait for Toronto’s Festival of Beer 2012!

  1. michaelnus
    August 8, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    I opened the drawer on that stupid Android and it was empty! Was hoping to score a phone! Lame!

    • August 8, 2011 at 11:48 pm

      Haha, maybe somebody else already got the phone(s?) before you! Or maybe there was just a bunch of Beer Bucks (which were also already gone). Did you speak to the Rogers people and ask?

      • michaelnus
        August 8, 2011 at 11:56 pm

        I was too busy drinking beer to talk to Roger’s people that time 🙂

  1. July 25, 2012 at 9:07 am

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