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Life Looks Good On Easy Street: Exploring Toronto Part II

Easy Street Richmond Hill Ontario

OK, yes, technically, this picture is from Richmond Hill, Ontario not Toronto I will be the first to say that. However, it is Greater Toronto Area and it fit in well enough with the name of this previous post to make it “part of a series.”

I was up in Richmond Hill the other day and I saw this street on my navigation screen as it was directing me. I decided I had to go there – especially given the name of the street it intersects with – “Neighbourly Lane.” I kid you not! Check out the picture below.

Easy Street & Neighbourly Lane, Richmond Hill Ontario I sort of wonder how often the people who live on that street – Easy Street – hear jokes about the name of their street. I wonder if they think they’re totally corny a week after they move in there and they tell everyone their new address. Their kids probably have trouble with their IDs because no store clerk will ever believe it’s a real street name and the ID must be fake – especially if the kids have young looking faces even after their 19th birthday!

Lastly, I wonder how often those signs which say “EASY ST” are stolen each year? I wonder if they’re in the running for the world’s most stolen official sign – after the municipalities of Fucking, Austria; Intercourse, Pennsylvania; and Shitterton, England, UK of course.

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