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#RogersCup At York University’s Rexall Centre In The Executive Suite Today

#RogersCup 2011 outside the Rexall Centre Toronto

Today, I was invited by Manager of Alumni Engagement Lindsay Reid aka @LindsayAtYork from the York University Alumni Relations (York University Alumni on Facebook and on the York University site here) to come out and watch the quarter-finals of the Rogers Cup Tennis WTA Tournament (#RogersCup & #RogersCupTO). I had never been to a live tennis match before but I have enjoyed playing the game from time to time and I do watch it on TV every now and again so I figured – as is usual for me – why not, this should be fun. So this morning I went to York University with my brother Ari and headed to the Rexall Centre’s Will Call Window to pick up our Executive tickets. Yes, you read that right, we got hooked up in the York University Executive Suite tickets from which to watch all the action of the day – awesome!

#RogersCup 2011 York University Executive Suite outside Rexall Centre

They had seats inside the box – where it was air conditioned – and outside where it was shaded but not air conditioned. Of course outside had a MUCH better view and a way better feel of the atmosphere of the Rexall Centre so I spent the majority of my day out there at the front of the 3 rows of seats the box had outside. Below is a picture of the “Private Suite ticket” being held with one of the matches we saw going on in the background.

#RogersCup 2011 ticket with court in the background

The first match we got to see was the continuation of the Cinderalla Story of No. 135 seed Galina Voskoboeva from Kazahkstan vs No. 4 seed Victoria Azarenka from Belarus. Voskoboeva had already beaten No. 9 seed Marion Bartoli in the first round which she then followed by beating Flavia Penetta and finishing it off with sending former World No. 1 but in this tournament No. 5 seed Maria Sharapova in straight sets. Alas for Galina she didn’t make it past Victoria Azarenka today but she put up a good fight and it was a great match to watch. Check the picture below with Azarenka in white and Voskoboeva in black shorts and a blue top. The clothing they were wearing actually confused me for a bit because Voskoboeva was wearing the colors of the Belarussian flag.

#RogersCup 2011 Voskobeva Azarenka quartefinal

Next up after the end of the Voskoboeva Cinderella Story was No. 13 seed Agnieszka Radwanska from Poland against No. 11 seed Andrea Petkovic from Germany. This game was a lot more hotly contested and went a lot longer. I am guessing it was because they were so closely matched – 11th & 13th seeds – and I really started getting into it. I also really enjoyed the similarities I saw to watching professional golf where everyone was so polite about everything. When the players were playing everyone was pretty much silent and each time a really good volley or some nice returns/shots were made the whole place clapped. I employed my “social media clap” throughout the day because, obviously, I was tweeting most of the time and towards the beginning of the second match I had to switch from my thigh’s right side to the top of my right thigh.

#RogersCup 2011 Radwanska Petkovic Quarterfinal

All in all, I really enjoyed my time watching the Rogers Cup at the Rexall Centre and I look forward to the next time I can get out and watch some live professional tennis. I also enjoyed some of the awesome conversations I had with Lindsay, York University Alumni Relations Senior Director James Allan aka @jallandetoronto, and a professor from the York University School of Kineseology and Health Sciences, Prof. Chris Ardern who has a lab website located here – http://www.yorku.ca/cardern. I didn’t talk so much with Prof Ardern about his research but more about using Twitter to benefit students in his classes. He even said he is going to try out an idea I came up with for using Twitter as a platform within his courses this coming winter semester. I can’t wait to hear the feedback on how this works out when he tries it. (Don’t worry, I will detail what my idea is in a future post so stay tuned!)

Finally, this picture below is me with the Radwanska-Petkovic match going on in the background – of course, no flash photography while the matches were in session!

#RogersCup 2011 Dan with his back to the court during Radwanska Petkovic

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