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Mad Men’s Don Draper’s Guide To Picking Up Women

Don Draper's Guide To Picking Up Women Title Screen SNL

This is a skit from SNL (Saturday Night Live) when Jon Hamm, the actor who plays Don Draper on Mad Men, was hosting. The episode of SNL that this is from aired in October of 2008 and recently I was looking for this skit but had a lot of trouble finding it (now, it seems it is way easier as I will explain below). The main reason for this is because I am not in the USA and therefore cannot use Hulu. A lot of things from the USA are hosted on Hulu including SNL skits from NBC and Hulu is blocked to those outside the USA. In fact, if you do a search for Don Draper’s Guide To Picking Up Women you will get a Hulu link first, then a mirrored image video of the video on YouTube (annoying to watch when there’s text on the screen), the Brazilian video linked/embedded below (#WIN!), and a link to the NBC site. The last one, the NBC site, also is blocked for those of us outside of the USA.

I finally found the video on http://www.videolog.tv/video.php?id=440339. Apparently, Videolog.TV is a Brazilian site/company which is why if you follow that link the page itself will all be in Portuguese. Don’t worry, the video below is not in Portuguese and doesn’t even have Portuguese subtitles!

Don Draper is the ultimate Pick Up Artist, haha.

Enjoy the video! I know I did!

Oh, and when you go out and try these different tactics advised by Don Draper on the ladies let me know how it works out. I really, really would love to hear in the comments!

[videolog 440339]

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