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Man Plans, God Laughs, Dan Laughs Louder & Goes To @WWKPark…

…and then gets rained on and cold as God smites him for laughing. Sorry God, the Yiddish Proverb was totally right.

I totally did go to Wild Water Kingdom today. Even though it got really cold and started raining like crazy in the early afternoon. I have the Foursquare check-in to prove it too! http://4sq.com/n9xV8x

When it cleared up a bit in North York today and it looked awesomely sunny in the west (Wild Water Kingdom is to the west of where I live) and the dark, ominous clouds all looked to be heading east I figured I’d go on the adventure of hoping the sunny weather would hold. My friends @MegButton (megbutton.posterous.com) & @Affan (affanimran.com) were already there and assured me it was sunny. My actual words at 3:19pm via BBM to a friend of mine who couldn’t make it because she lived too far away (Shannon you were missed!) were:

“I’m going. F— this. I’m adventuring.”

I went to pick up the one and only @MichaelNus (michaelnus.com) and together we set out to Wild Water Kingdom. It was a sunny drive on the 401 – until we hit traffic because it is the 401 and apparently Sunday afternoon is now rush hour – but finally got to the park and got out of the car…then it started to rain. I decided that I was not going to let a little bit of rain stop me and Nus agreed so we went into the park. We found Meg & Affan meandering about and quickly walked – no running around the water! – to lockers to get changed. I didn’t so much mind the rain but once I was only in a bathing suit it was COLD! (I really, really like it warm, barely ever turning on air conditioning in my car preferring to roll down the windows no matter the temperature during the summer.) Nus and I still got in a couple of slides but the rain kept getting heavier and heavier until we realized it was time to leave as we were shivering cold (and the park was also about to close down for the evening). So God won…much to mine and The Mole from the South Park Movie‘s chagrin (NSFW blaspheming language in the video link).

It wasn’t so much the rain or the clouds which made us want to get back into our towels asap once we got off each slide but, rather, it was the fact that it was so cold out which dampened our spirits. We promised we would return once again to Wild Water Kingdom on a nicer, warmer day and get the full experience but I gotta say, even on such a crappy day there were a whole bunch of people still milling about enjoying the slides,  lazy river, and wave pool. I can’t wait to experience it in warmer weather.

Another bright side, I managed to snap this picture on our way out of Wild Water Kingdom today and it came out beautifully. It was amazingly still raining even as I took this picture and you’d think it wouldn’t be with the clouds like that but that’s life.

Side Note: I do not actually think God specifically made it rain because of me and because I said I wasn’t going to let the rain stop me. Call it literary license that lets me say such things. I don’t actually believe that God was smiting me with rain.

Second Side Note: WordPress now recommends tags for posts and one of the tags recommended for this post was “Meg Griffin” (and that suggestion precedes when I wrote this side note) This amuses me.

  1. August 22, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Meg Griffin made it rain. She laughed.

    • August 24, 2011 at 11:03 pm

      Hahaha. This is true…no one likes Meg Griffin. (Or is it Greg? Or maybe Ron?)

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