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This Is Why I’m Fat; #CNEtweetup At The Ex Today

OK, to be clear, I don’t actually think I am fat but it made for a funnier title. The reason it was chosen was because I took part in way, way too many fried foods today. These weren’t any fried foods, they were foods that were just ridiculous in nature because they are not meant to be fried and consumed by normal people. Currently, my stomach is not in full scale rebellion but it is very full of fried food. More on that in a bit!

At The Ex aka the CNE with @iamjazzy, @pshag, @michaelnus, @aplusadvantage & "Captain Jack Sparrow". Photo via @pshag 

At The Ex aka the CNE with @iamjazzy, @pshag, @michaelnus, @aplusadvantage & "Captain Jack Sparrow". Photo via @pshag

Today,  I went to visit the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) more commonly known as “The Ex” courtesy of the one and only Brad aka @pshag and the fine folks at @LetsGoToTheEx (that’s the Ex’s Twitter handle). I got a free admission pass from Brad and bought some ride tickets as well for myself and had a splendid day out with Brad, Jasmine aka @iAmJazzy, Michael aka @MichaelNus, and Charles aka @aplusadvantage for a day dubbed on Twitter as #CNETweetup. (Quick geek aside, every time I look at that hashtag I think it says CNET in reference to the tech website that has been around since forever and which I read religiously back when there weren’t many other tech websites to go to.)

I got down to the CNE a bit on the later side of the day because earlier it had been so rainy out and I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to end up going down. I checked the weather forecast and it predicted cloudy skies with no rain by 1pm but that didn’t actually happen so I started doing some work. I then heard that the sun had come out downtown so I made my way south to The Ex. When I got down there I knew there were certain things that I just HAD TO try. These included the cheeseburger which replaces the bun for two Krispy Kreme Donuts made by a food stand called “Epic Burgers and Waffles” as well as the deep fried butter.

Epic Burgers and Waffle stand @ The Canadian National Exhibition CNE The Ex 2011

The creation is referred to as “The Donut Burger” and it comes as a cheeseburger between two glazed Krispy Kreme donuts. You can add on a fried egg and or bacon if you are feeling like you really need some extra calories too! I didn’t go all out but did add some bacon strips because I had already had eggs for breakfast, haha. (Yes, I just used that rationalization.)

Krispy Kreme Donut Burger @ The Ex 2011 by @pshag

Holding the Krispy Kreme Donut Burger @ The Ex 2011 in front of the sign on top of the Epic Burgers and Waffle stand. Photo by @pshag.

I did not finish this treat alone, everyone at #CNETweetup had some although they denied they would at the outset. I think they were just waiting to see if I gagged or not when I took a bite or 3 and when I didn’t figured it was safe enough to assault their taste buds with. The three questions you are probably asking yourself are:

  • Was it any good?
  • Would I buy it again?
  • Do I recommend you try it?

I will address each of those in the sequence I listed them above.

  • It was OK. Definitely an interesting combination of flavors melding together in your mouth. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was particularly good. As Nus commented, the burger itself wasn’t made from good meat. This didn’t help in producing a good flavor as the final resulting overall taste. I pretty much completely disagree with the Epic Burgers and Waffles spokesman, Justin Davis, quoted in this article by the Toronto Star – “[He] said the salty-sweet temptation is hard to turn down…’You know it’s bad for you but you just can’t stop.’” This brings me to the second question’s answer…
  • No. It was something that I wanted to try because it exists and I have never had it before. In the words of George Mallory who is famously quoted for his retort to the question of why he wanted to climb Mount Everest: “Because it’s there.” This is why I wanted to – and did – try the Epic Burgers and Waffles Donut Burger, because it was there. I love to try new and different things in life and this was one thing that I can now say I’ve tried. Regardless of the stupidity of it and the uselessness of being able to say I have tried it, I have tried it. This, brings me to the last question’s answer…
  • Yes. I recommend you try it simply because of the reason I mentioned above. Because it’s there. Life is meant to be lived. Sure you may have to spend some more time on the treadmill or at the gym after imbibing in this 1500+ calorie extravaganza but how many people do you know have expanded their palates to this low end of the spectrum? I say try it but don’t do it alone!

I also realize that I have yet to try Epic Burgers and Waffles’ “Behemoth” which is a burger between two Texas-style grilled cheese sandwiches. Even with my “Because it’s there” attitude I couldn’t justify trying one of those right after eating the Donut Burger. That would be, in my books, well beyond the line of stupidity for me to do. I think if I tried it my stomach may attempt to eject from my body – and by this I don’t mean the contents of my stomach I mean, quite literally, my whole stomach.

CNE The Ex Deep Fried Butter Stand 2011

There were other culinary delights I also had to make sure I tried while I was at The Ex today. Last year, they had introduced “deep fried butter” and I had missed my chance to make it down to get some for myself so this year I was going to make up for that. When I got to the stand I realized the also were making something I hadn’t eaten in years upon years – deep fried Mars bars on a stick and I knew I needed to try that out too. Again, I had help in eating these insane creations from the entire #CNETweetup crew.

TOP deep fried butter BOTTOM deep fried mars bar

TOP: Deep Fried Butter. BOTTOM: Deep Fried Mars Bar

The deep fried butter was actually pretty good I must say and I would totally recommend you try it. I tried 3 of the 4 syrups they had – chocolate, caramel, cherry and Charles had the vanilla. When I bought it, they recommended to me that the cherry was the best but I had to try all of them – because they were there – but I completely concur with the recommendation. If you go to the CNE and buy the deep fried butter, get the cherry syrup on top.

The deep fried Mars bar was good also but I think by then I had just ingested had too many deep fried and ridiculous things and I had it directly after the deep fried butter so I think I didn’t fully appreciate it. I remember having it years and years ago in Florida and absolutely loving it so this is why I am so conflicted with this judgement. While I would recommend you try each of these things I would have to say the deep fried butter was the best of all of them. Would I buy the deep fried butter again? Next year yes but this year no. Think about it, what you are eating is just straight butter covered in batter and fried in oil. That is just too ridiculous to be ingested more than once a year no matter how good it is in my opinion.

We also had a blast going on rides like the bumper cars (see picture of Nus below), the roller coaster, and the gigantic “Euro slide”.

After this long and amazing day we were all pretty darn tired so we said our goodbyes and got home just as the rain really started coming down. We left at the right time too because I read a tweet later tonight at 10:13 pm that they had closed the CNE  at 8:27 pm due to the severe weather and postponed the TFC soccer game until Thursday morning at 10:15 am (TFC plays at BMO Field which is right on the grounds of the CNE).

The #CNETweetup crew from Left: Jasmine, Michael, Dan, & Brad

The #CNETweetup crew from Left: Jasmine, Michael, Dan, & Brad. (Charles had already left for the day.)

  1. August 25, 2011 at 10:00 am

    Good thing we left before the lightning storm. Cool times

    • August 25, 2011 at 11:35 am

      Agreed! We certainly did leave right on time!

  2. August 25, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Good Lookin’ Pictures! Well done, Levy!

  1. August 26, 2011 at 11:59 pm
  2. September 9, 2011 at 11:59 pm

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