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I Have An Idea! Let’s Try Rabbit While At @IHaveAnIdea #Schmooze

Last night I was at an event organized by I Have An Idea called the “IHAVEANIDEA Schmooze.” The hashtag for the evening – although this wasn’t so much of a tweetup – was #schmooze and it was held at Veritas Local Fare on King St East. What is the IHAVEANIDEA Schmooze? Well, the easiest way to describe it would be to directly quote their website:

The IHAVEANIDEA Schmooze is a perfect way to relax after a day at the office, as well as to make important business and social connections. It’s social networking, with more emphasis on the “social”.

It was a good time where I saw my friends Michael aka @MichaelNus, Keri aka @KeriBlog, and Lisa aka @lisaarmstrong88 and met some interesting new people such as Mandy aka @verynichey.

All was going fantastically until Keri decided she was extremely hungry and had me get the menu when I went to go grab a beer. She ordered and then asked me if I was hungry so I took a glance at the menu and there it was…

smoked rabbit terrine in veritas menu

…Smoked RABBIT Terrine.

I had no idea what ‘terrine‘ meant and didn’t really care. All I was interested in was the fact that they had rabbit on the menu. I have never eaten rabbit before that night and, given my “because it’s there” outlook I have always wanted to try as many different kinds of meats as I could. In the esoteric meats department I have tried kangaroo and horse before but never have I tried rabbit so I knew tonight suddenly had switched into high gear of awesome. I ordered the smoked rabbit terrine and waited for it to arrive…

smoked rabbit terrine in veritas on plate

It arrived and I was excited to eat it. Even when Mandy decided to pull out her iPhone and show me a picture of a little bunny it didn’t deter me from wanting to try this out. I was so excited to try this out I even had Keri take this picture (twice to make sure it came out well) to mark this momentous occasion.

smoked rabbit terrine in veritas about to be eaten

About to try rabbit for the first time. Twas Smoked Rabbit Terrine at Veritas Local Fare in Toronto.

The rabbit meat came as pictured above – with only a knife. I am aware it was considered an appetizer but am still confused as to why Veritas saw fit to not give me a fork with the rabbit but what can you do. What was also sort of odd was that the waiter brought out the knife sitting atop a cloth napkin on a long plate. I wasn’t allowed to take the plate or the napkin, just the knife. There may be some kind of tradition I am unaware of on this but I was thoroughly confused. I also was unsure if I was to eat the wrapping that wrapped around the rabbit so I didn’t eat it and Veritas loses marks in my books for the waiter not knowing when he brought it to me if I was supposed to eat the wrapping or not.

Anyway, how did it taste is probably what you are wondering at this juncture. Well, it’s taste was very agreeable almost non-existent in my books. I am no foodie but I think that rabbit for me was just a base meat and it merely took on the tastes of the things you ate with it. For me, the pickles totally took over the entire taste of everything else and while the whole mixture was good I feel as if I missed out somewhat. Maybe the skin that I didn’t eat was where the real flavor was? I don’t know. I might have to try to eat rabbit again but at least I can now say that I have tried rabbit. Big ups to Keri for trying it with me while Mandy & Lisa refused to try any (my theory is they looked at too many cute bunny pictures on Mandy’s iPhone before choosing one to show to me).

  1. August 27, 2011 at 8:33 pm


    In the photo, the Terrine looks like a Pâté. I would imagine that the knife would be used to spred it onto the bread, while the pickles would be used to cleanse the palate. I don’t think your supposed to eat the wrapping.

    Not that I would know for sure, since I’ve never ordered a Pâté before, never mind a Terrine. 🙂

    Raymond AKA The Funky Barrister

    • August 27, 2011 at 10:56 pm

      It wasn’t a spread though. It was not scoopable like you’d expect a patte to be. I just think anywhere that is serving esoteric foods like that should have their stuff educated on how to serve/eat it in case the person ordering it doesnt know (like me in this case).

      Thanks for the thoughts Raymond! Always appreciate when you weigh in!

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