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VIDEO: Croatian Boy Hits Puberty, Tries To Look Down Talk Show Host’s Shirt

A friend of mine just tweeted this earlier tonight and it is absolutely priceless. The awesome starts at about the 26 second mark.

Seems they are speaking Croatian in this video but I assure you it is quite irrelevant, you don’t need to understand Croatian to appreciate this video. Heck, turn the sound off, you don’t need it.

This is an older video because the description says: “Mali dino jelušić gleda sanji doležal u sise za vrijeme talk showa hhhahahhah” which Google Translate tells me means “Little Dino Jelusic looking Sanja Dolezal the boobs during the talk show hhhahahhah.”

The reason I say it is an older video is because Dino Jelušić is now 19 years old according to Wikipedia and a pop singer in Croatia. As well, the host who’s name is Sanja Doležal doesn’t look like she is almost 50 years old in this video (according to her Wikipedia page she was born May 9, 1963).

Here’s a mobile friendly link to the video as well – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyowF_f92Hs 

But on the topic of boys hitting puberty and looking down ladies shirts…they’re breasts…we can’t help it. If you are a lady and this ever happens to you the ladies of Yahoo Answers – they have an answer for everything but usually the answer isn’t the right answer – have this to say about it.

Mari_A asked: Did you ever catch a boy looking down your shirt? And what did you do?

Kerisaurus responded with this advice: Stare at his crotch until he feels violated.. Guys honestly don’t know how creepy they are. *Guys stare at your boobs even if your shirt is NOT low cut.

I hate to break it to Kerisaurus but that is probably the wrong approach…looking at a 13 year old boy’s crotch would, in my opinion, only encourage him. However, I do not know why Kerisaurus’ answer was chosen as the “best answer” I highly recommend reading the rest of the ones below it because they are way funnier.

 Boys going through puberty – boys who are past puberty, heck even renaissance guys like me sometimes catch our eyes wandering! like checking out women’s bodies. It serves an evolutionary purpose for us to do so although it is considered quite impolite and we train ourselves not to. The little Dino Jelušić in this video knows he shouldn’t be looking down a lady’s shirt – especially on television – but he is too overrun with hormones to give a damn. Even though the cameras are right on him and he is now a YouTube star even as his pop singing career is taking off (the video has gotten 20,000 hits in the past hour ringing in at 300,773 views as of 9:45pm). Remember, this is also a kid who was the winner of the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. He clearly had been trained how to act on camera and in front of crowds of people but he didn’t really care – he wanted to check out those breasts and nothing was going to stop him. Ah, youth!

  1. danah
    September 2, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Hell I stare at boobs. We all should get over it.

    • September 2, 2011 at 12:08 pm

      You’re allowed to! You’re a girl. But it is still considered impolite for either gender last I checked…what a repressed society huh? Haha

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