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Blogging On A Budget IV: Even More Free Stock Images & Photos

Blue Sky, Clouds and Green Trees

Blue Sky, Clouds and Green Trees

I promised I would come back at you with more and here I am, fulfilling this promise – MORE FREE pictures. In case you missed my earlier posts about this which had a bunch of stock images for your use under the Dan Levy license here they are linked for your use.

Blogging On A Budget: The Unglamorous Part – Getting Stock Images & Photos


Blogging On A Budget II: Giving Stock Images & Photos


Blogging On A Budget III: More FREE Stock Images & Photos

What is the Dan Levy License?

You are all free to use these pictures as you please.

If you’d like to link back to my blog and give me credit then that’s cool and I would very much appreciate it. HOWEVER, you won’t need to because I will be putting these pics up and putting them out there for everyone on the Interiorwebs to use as they see fit.

Oh, and to be clear: I am not a professional photographer, I have never taken a photography class, and I will be taking the bulk of these pictures with my BlackBerry Torch or whatever other phone I have handy (in this case the Bell HTC Incredible S). Sometimes, maybe, a real camera will be used but don’t count on it.

As such, don’t expect these to be stellar, super awesome photos which move you to tears. BUT, they will be what they say they are. If you need a picture of a stop sign, a picture of a stop sign you will have with no worrying about Creative Commons or Fair Use or Copyright.

Any requests for pictures? Let me know. Know of anyone else who has done something similar? Also, let me know because I’d very much appreciate it.

As I said in my previous post of this nature – this isn’t going to be a wordy post at all but I hope I make up for it in the value these photos gain for you should you ever need them. They are mundane, I know, but they are or could be useful to you at some point and then you’ll know where you can grab them.

As I have also said before – I am open to suggestions of pictures I should take around Toronto, just let me know what you want me to capture and I will do my utmost to capture it. Even if it means driving somewhere further outside of Toronto I am totally willing to do it. Of course, that last sentence comes with the exception of it being within reason. I am willing to drive outside of Toronto of course to get a good picture or two by request of yours but I am not going to drive hours just to get one or two pictures of something. But if it’s really cool I might take a road trip! 😉

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