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Twitter For BlackBerry How To: Tell If Someone Is Following You

You may remember I told you how I had switched to Twitter for BlackBerry after being an UberSocial/UberTwitter loyalist for quite a while. This switch didn’t come without its sacrifices, however, one of which is being able to tell at a glance if someone is following me or not by looking at their profile.

In UberSocial it is all very straightforward and very easy to see at a glance if someone is following you and if you are following them. Twitter for BlackBerry makes it easy to see if you are following someone (as seen in the image below where it says “Following” with a check next to it right below their name) but there is no simple way to tell if they are following you.

As you can see in the image above, I am following my friend Josh aka @phjoshua who writes the awesometastic blog “The Reviews Are In.” What isn’t immediately obvious, as I mentioned above, is whether or not Josh is following me. But let’s look a little further down that same screen with another screenshot. After that we are then going to check out the profile of Wil Wheaton @wilw who has been a number of well known TV shows, writes a blog, is an author, and is definitely a celebrity who I am not friends with…maybe someday though! (Probably it would be nice to meet him in real life first.)

Josh’s profile screen scrolled down:

Wil Wheaton’s profile screen as seen from my Twitter for BlackBerry:

See the difference? No? Not to worry, I have put them together side-by-side in another epic graphic…hooray for editing images in Paint! (Didn’t want to waste the time waiting for PhotoShop to load because I was in a rush. I am actually doing this writing right now on a southbound TTC subway without service between Eglinton West & St Clair West Stations.)

Twitter for BlackBerry gives me the option to “Compose Message” to Josh in his account profile display (on the left and with the line highlighted) whereas the option is ‘missing’ from Wil Wheaton’s account profile display (right) because Wil Wheaton isn’t following me (yet). In order to be able to compose/send a message (which is more often than not referred to as a ‘DM’, an acronym for ‘Direct Message’) to someone they have to be following you on Twitter. This means that Wil Wheaton (sticking with our example) can send me a DM but I can’t send him one because while I follow him he doesn’t follow me.

This is thus far the only indicator I have found within the Twitter for BlackBerry app to be able to tell if someone is following you. It would be nice if they had another indicator available but, alas, they do not. I am just happy that I figured this out – and I literally just realized it – because loading up UberSocial every time I wanted to find out this info was getting ridiculous. (Yes, I still haven’t uninstalled it from my BlackBerry even after all this time using the official client.)

Been wondering this too? Figure out a different indicator for this that I don’t know about? Let me know!

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